Mommy Needs a Vacation


Mom needs a vacationSo I have this slight insomnia problem. Oh and an addiction to Instagram. So last night this morning, I am looking through my feed and what do I come upon but photos from a friend and her husband in Thailand. Apparently it’s daylight there while early morning here.

Through out the night morning the photos of beautiful beaches, poolside sipping on drinks and so on continued.

Then it hit me.

I so need a break. A mom vacation. Alone time. Sure a vacation with the husband would be great, but uhm – even by myself. I’m even willing to go some where less adventurous than Thailand.

I’ve so enjoyed the last 5 months with Zeke and having time to spend with the other kids (a.k.a. our circus). I am so glad I’m no longer stuck in an office all day. I really can’t complain, but I can dream… right?

As I am typing this post,  my sister just messaged me on Facebook. She is telling me about how my brother and his wife are going on vacation. *sigh*

Have You Taken a Vacation Just By Yourself?


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