Moving On...Down

Why does moving a mattress down feel like a big deal?

It’s funny how I often I find myself saying things like “when Cullen was little.”  He’s only five months old, and I’m making it sound like he’s off to college any day now!  But it’s amazing how much he has changed from a wrinkly newborn to a crawling little person in this short amount of time.

We had another one of those oh my god my newborn has grown up kind of moments yesterday.  I knew it was coming, and I knew we needed to do it, but I couldn’t believe it came so quickly!

We moved the crib mattress down.  Big deal, right?

I think as a new mom, just about everything feels like a big deal in the moment, and I found myself feeling a little emotional that our little peanut has gotten so big.  He’s really mobile these days, crawling around and trying to pull up on anything he can reach – including the top of the crib.

He’s nowhere near capable of standing just yet, but he’s been reaching for the top rails of the crib more and more, and it was making me really nervous.  Last night we dug out the wrench and moved his mattress down to the middle level.  Sniff.  It’s only a matter of time until the mattress goes even lower, and he’s eventually figuring out how to climb out of it all on his own.

I can’t even imagine what a wreck I’ll be when he moves into a toddler bed.  They grow up so quickly!


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