Murphy's Laws Of Diaper Changing. Or Newton's. You Decide.

That diaper has to come off sometime.

Murphy’s (or Newton’s) Laws Of Diaper Changing

1. If you think he won’t pee in your eye, he will pee in your eye.

2. If you think he will pee in your eye, he will pee in your mouth instead.

3. If you try to move the diaper out of the way before he gets poop on his foot, he will get poop on his foot.

4. If you try to restrain his hands from grabbing his poop-filled area, he will most likely get poop on his hands AND his foot.

5. You will ALWAYS get poop on your hand.

6. If you try to roll a solid poop into the toilet, it will most likely fall onto the floor before you get it to the toilet.

7. If the above poop does in fact reach the toilet, the poop will most likely cause the toilet water to splash you in the face from dumping it so quickly at such a high altitude.

8. Rushing the end of the change will result in a diaper that is fastened poorly, a onesie misbuttoned, and/or two baby legs in one pant leg.

Add your laws here!!