Musings From The Changing Table


As a light sleeper, it was the little snuffling sounds that Baby H makes when he first wakes up that aroused me from my slumber this morning. He never makes it to the the full-blown cry when he is right next to me in the bassinet and I always hear him first.

Seven o’clock.

Baby H was hungry and needed his diaper changed. As a necessary component to the first part I had no desire to tend to the second. But should I really wake my husband up for diaper duty?

I know he would get up. Whether or not he would be excited about waking up after four hours of sleep didn’t matter, he would do get up if asked. However, my husband is the polar opposite of me when it comes to sleeping. He falls asleep quickly and he sleeps deeply. By the time I woke him up I could have the baby changed and back to bed to eat. So I chose to let him sleep.

As I trudged to the boy’s room and took care of diapering Baby H, I thought about how many times I’ve fed the baby in the past 6 weeks. He is 42 days old today and if he eats an average of 6 to 8 times per day that is 336 times on the high end.

Then I started thinking about how many diapers have been changed. And this is just the beginning.

Next time, I’m waking my husband up.


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