My Baby Finds Comfort in the Bottle


Tate started out eating formula from a bottle at least twice a day in the beginning. Even after I established my milk supply and was able to meet Tate’s dietary needs, he still occasionally had bottles. I was never able to get ahead of his needs and he had formula when we were apart. Even now, he has at least one bottle per week (I can’t ever seem to get Tate and I both ready, fed and out the door on Sunday morning).

I always prefer to breastfeed him, but I like that he is willing to take a bottle when we are in a pinch. One thing I don’t like? That there are times when he totally prefers the bottle. No matter what I do, he gets frustrated trying to nurse. He fights, cries, and squirms for what feels like hours. He is farther from going down for the night when we are done with the routine than he was when we started.

In these instances, inevitably, he gets a bottle. And thing that totally gets me? He doesn’t calm down eventually, it’s immediate. It sort of breaks my heart. I worked so so so hard to be able to meet all of his needs (both physical and emotional) by nursing and it makes me feel a bit like a failure.

Have any of you been in a similar situation?


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