My Baby Has What?!


Yesterday, Tate and I paid a visit to a new pediatrician. He quickly went through the developmental checklist.

Does Tate transfer things from hand to hand? Check. Does he sit up on his own? Check. Does he treat strangers differently? Check. Does he turn when spoken to? Check. Does he suck on his toes? Not really, my baby is no yoga master. The visit had me sitting there feeling pretty good, and then he said …

Oh look, his toes are webbed, see? My son’s toes are what? Who do you think you are?! Oh wait, yeah, they are a little webbed. How did I not notice that for the first 8 months of my baby’s life?

I might mention that up to this point Tate had been very calm and good-natured. Within seconds of the doctor’s exclamation, Tate cried his special cry he reserves falling off the bed. The kid knows when his feet are being judged unfairly.

This, of course, mean absolutely nothing to Tate (or me for that matter) in the future. And I love his fat little feet more than ever!

Have you ever been surprised by something like this at the doctor?

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