My Baby Is Bald? You Don't Say


When I married my husband I knew the chances of us having bald or nearly bald babies was a very high possibility.

My husband and most of his siblings were bald well into toddlerhood. I had hair as a baby, but it was fine. We were anticipating a bald bundle of joy through the entire pregnancy. In fact, the only thing I remember my husband saying while I was in labor was that Tate had hair – he was elated.

Tate had some fine blond hair for the first month of his life before it started to disappear. But in the end he was just as bald as we had thought he might be. For me, it only adds to the cute factor: chubby cheeks, big blue eyes, and a fuzzy little head.

That isn’t to say it doesn’t drive me crazy that every person I meet feels the need to comment on how bald he is. The never-ending comparisons to Cabbage Patch dolls and Charlie Brown get old.

Did you have a bald baby? How did you handle comments of strangers? I am afraid I might start letting my irritation show.

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