My Baby Is Off the (Height and Weight) Charts.


The results (of Vivi’s four month well baby visit) are in! She is healthy! Developing right on schedule! Cute as a button! (So maybe that’s my diagnosis, not the doctor’s.) However parts of me (my back) knew that the doctor was going to say something big.

Big as in my baby. My baby is a very big baby.

One double cheeseburger shy of 18 pounds to be exact.

My four month old baby is the size of a sturdy nine month old baby. My four month old baby is bigger than her sister was at seven months (she did have an extra pound on her sister at birth to be fair.) My four month old baby is fitting most comfortably in 12 month clothes (some of this is due to her fluffy cloth diapered bum.)

The doctor said it was nothing to worry about, she’s proportionate. She’s long and chubby with a nicely sized noggin (Addie had a big noggin and chub for days too.) Turns out all those people who assumed she was much older were kind of right…baby got…big.

It’s kind of unfair. She started out so small and got so big so fast. As a snuggled her big sister on the couch tonight while we watched a movie I was poked by knobby elbows, knees, hip bones and shoulder blades (Oh! The shoulder blades! OW!) Once upon a time those knobby knees had dimples too.

I’ve heard that consecutive babies generally get bigger at birth, but do they normally get bigger quicker in the first few months as well? Is it some sort of survival tactic of second children? Because I can tell you after watching Addie manhandle Vivi today I’m kind of glad that Vivi will be able to hold her own.

My back however, it begs to differ.