My Baby, She's Super Nifty.


Many comments have been made about how alert and observant Vivi is. She’s been that way since birth and her sister was very much the same. My dad says she always seems to be deep in thought and my friend thinks she looks a bit suspect. With Vivi it’s almost as if she knew how and when everything on the outside of me would be happening and she’s just hanging around waiting to see if it actually all works out the way she’s expecting it to.

So far she doesn’t seem disappointed.

As Cody and I were lying on the floor tonight with Vivi between us kicking and flailing as most three month old babies do Cody mentioned that she has a quiet confidence to her. Which is funny if you consider a baby whacking herself in the face confident. But it’s true, she is a very good baby. She rolls with whatever is going on and really only gets grumpy when she’s hungry or tired. I don’t remember this age or phase with Addie. I was so focused on surviving through another day with PPD by myself (Cody worked graveyards and attended school full time during the day) that I never took time to actually enjoy my baby. Cody assured me that Addie was a much grumpier baby and that Vivi is possibly too laid back and happy.

Rough life for everyone here in the house of Vivi. *sarcasm*

While it’s exciting to see her grow and change and learn everyday, part of me wants her to just stay little forever. She fits so well in my arms. SHE’S SO CUTE. She’s so portable and very easy to have around. I can see why people keep having babies. They’re really cool, you know, for someone who craps their pants and barfs down your cleavage on occasion.