My Baby, The Inch Worm

I like to move it! move it!

Well, so long newborn. My eleven week old is already in the first stages of mobility. I put him down on a blanket today for a little tummy time and the next thing I know he had wiggled and slide himself halfway across the middle of it.

Over the next twenty minutes, I watched as pushed himself along,  pushing off on his feet, little butt in the air  and arms grabbing hold of the blanket for leverage. Sometimes he made little talking coo noises and other times he just laid there happily taking in the new scenery at floor level before scooting off again. I had to keep spinning him around and putting him back on the blanket whenever he reached the carpet. All I can think is… GEEZ LOUISE! Where did my floppy newborn go?

I’m not quite mentally ready to trade him in yet for the Infant 2.0 model that comes with strong little legs and head control. I certainly thought I’d have a few more weeks (or longer!) of plopping him down on the couch to hang out – but based on what I saw today, that’s no longer an option either.

It’s kind of a shock to the ‘ol mama soul to think that Arlo is in the first stages of mobility and independence. I mean, he’s not even officially three months old yet! So long newborn Arlo, hello my big baby boy Arlo!


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