My Baby's Schedule - She Has One!



Today I was nursing River and she sortof effortlessly went to sleep. I noted the time and suddenly had a huge epiphanie:


I completely forgot when babies start to get themselves on a schedule, but whether or not she is early with this, it seriously came not a day too soon.

Her nap times are predictable, her wake times are predictable, and I just subconsciously began planning our days around her schedule without even realizing it!

This means that I know when she’s fussy or when she really needs to lay down. I know to keep her up a tad longer if she seems tired just so she can stick to her schedule and feel great. I know when it’s a bad idea to get in the car, because her naptime is only 30 min away.


Is your baby on a schedule yet? Mine is about 12wks old – at what age did yours begin to fall into a schedule?


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