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My Daughter Has One of the Top 10 Most Hated Baby Names… And I Don't Care!

By Danielle |

Maternity photo I had done before announcing our daughters name

Yesterday a new survey about baby names started floating around the internet. The most disliked baby names out there… While there were some seriously bad names on the list (personally I am not a fan of the name Nevaeh) I was really surprised at some of the names that landed on there.

Most surprising to me?  The name of my four day old daughter Addison. Why did it surprise me?  Well mostly because of all the compliments we have got over the past couple days since she was born (because we didn’t tell anyone her name until she was born) but also because at one point in time it was one of the most popular names in the country. Certainly not the reason we picked it though.

But ya know what… I don’t care if most of America or the world hates the name we picked for our daughter because ya know what?  It isn’t their daughter, and it wasn’t their decision. If I picked names based on the opinion on ever person I came in contact with while I was pregnant, or since we found out we were having a little girl, her name wouldn’t be Addison. Hell, she probably still wouldn’t have a name!

Do parents put too much thought into what other people think about parenting choices today?  Of course!  Should they let other people and silly internet polls dictate what they name their children, or discourage them from using a name they really like, or think would be perfect for their child?  Of course not!

If something feels right, go for it. Don’t bother to care what outsiders think… can you imagine if the criticism of strangers impacted our every decision in life?   We would really be a miserable society as a whole.

So, nope… I don’t care if a group of polled people don’t like the name Addison… my husband and I like it, and of course that is all that matters. I am sure Addison won’t have a problem with it either, until she hits 14 and starts to want to be called something for whatever her social phase of the week is.

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17 thoughts on “My Daughter Has One of the Top 10 Most Hated Baby Names… And I Don't Care!

  1. Katy E says:

    Addison is a lovely name. It is quite popular(I have three friends who were nurses with me. We were all pregnant at the same
    Time and they all named their beautiful, sweet girls “Addison”. I had a boy and named my son “Declan”. Now I know of about 3 other Declans since naming our boy. You can’t win in the original name department)
    but its also a classic, lovely name. It’s not “made-up” either, which I like. Plus, knowing several Addisons, I can honestly say that I have never met one who wasn’t wonderful. She’s in great company.

  2. Meagan says:

    Most of the names (including Nevaeh) were on the top ten lists for popularity at some point, and several still are. That is in all likelihood WHY they are also hated. Also I don’t was a super scientific poll, so I wouldn’t worry too much. Personally I think Neveah is kind of sweet, though the uber-popularity kind of nixes the creativity.

  3. Abby says:

    Yeah, we just picked a name that we love……and I think we will have plenty of people who will hate it. But I don’t care. I blog about it

  4. Rachel says:

    I have to agree with the Nevaeh thing…My cousin’s husband wanted to name their son that if he had been a girl. I was the one who had to explain to them that Nevaeh was HEAVEN backwards (which in my opinion would be Hell, right? hah)…they did not know that, and my cousin was horrified when I told her. They went on to make up their own name (Aslyn Todd, and hes awesome).

    Addison is lovely, and if it fits your daughter, then that is HER name. I also have to add that is it refreshing to hear than the much more common Madison now :)

    The names that both my husband and I dislike (because there will be WAY too many of them) is the Aiden, Fadin, Jaiden, Cayden, Raiden, etc fad. But guess what? All we have to do IS NOT NAME OUR OWN KIDS by those names! *Gasp!*

    We too have picked names that at one point were popular (at least more popular than they are now). Our daughters name is Wren Suzanne, and our potential son’s name will be Samson Lloyd. Names that mean something to us, we are nearly guarenteed that no one else in their age group will not have the same name, and they fit in our family :)

  5. Julie says:

    I’m happy to see somebody who thinks the same way I do. I get a lot of crap from people about my son Lucifer’s name, like they think I’m magically going to one day jump up and say “Oh, you’re so right, just because you hate it, I’ll pay to have his name changed.” Screw that. It’s your own kid’s name and it’s not anybody else’s business. So, tell me, if you feel so strongly about it, why did you say Nevaeh was a bad name? Obviously they have the same right as you, to pick their kid’s name and hopefully not get crap for it?

  6. Renda says:

    The kids in my family have different names, which is why I named my kids “normal” names. Years of spelling/defending/making up interesting stories about the names gets old.
    But when we found out my daughter was coming, we did kick around some different names. My husband really liked McKenzie, but not McKenzie Phillps so much. Then he came up with McKinley and really liked it. Then I just said two words, “Mount McKinley.” He dumped it quickly.
    The point is, name your child whatever you like. But try to make it something that is not going to be an embarassment or manipulated in such a way that it will be a burden. A girl I knew in high school (circa 1976) had the name Gabrielle Barr, but went by Gay. Of course, her parents had no way of knowing that 15 years after they named/nicknamed her, “Gay Barr” might not be the best of names.

  7. Melissa says:

    I love the name Addison. I thought we were pretty original with Maya and now I hear it everywhere. My four-month-old daughter will still be original in her own right :)

  8. Quin says:

    If you had not already chosen the name Addison, and had read this article a month or even two weeks earlier would you have perhaps been put off and not chosen the name? Im really interested in your answer as Im wondering how other moms must be feeling right now. Please email me or comment below because I really want to know how you would have proceeded.

    Also with regard to the article, its completely misleading, Addison had 8 mentions out of 1500 and its the most hated name? R U kidding me? How can a baby name author get away with mislabeling names like that? The list is the most hated names in america. EVERYONE, please go to her blog and read the article and comment to her that she needs to retract the story or at least correct the title…meaning she needs to contact every media outlet that ran this story and correct them. (about 40 outlets have run the story) Im disgusted! Its not fair to the names or the parents of the names to have an untrue label put on the names, meaning now everyone is going to think these are really the most hated names!

  9. Jen B says:

    Rachel — ok, really weird, but our daugther’s name is Wren Cosette (she’ll be one in a couple weeks). I hadn’t heard of any other little Wren’s out there… but, as you mention – the name meant something to us and our family and it fits. Our son is Atticus Henry — no Samson — although MY Dad loves the name Samson!! :)

  10. Paula says:

    Personally, I can see why names like Madison, Addison, Emerson, McKinley, etc. are on the hated list. You have to remember that, for ages, people chose names that were significant to their family. Traditionally, names like those listed above were the mother’s maiden name that the child took. Therefore, choosing a name that smacks of a heritage that likely isn’t there might rankle some.

    Also, the “-son” names are also very patronymic-sounding like those given in Scandinavian countries. The son of Addis is Addison. Why are people naming girls as though they’re someone else’s son? I personally don’t get it, and though my kids have unusual names, they were painstakingly chosen from our family tree, not just plucked from the playground or some “Top 100 Names” book picked up in the checkout line at the grocery store. I know people do that and it’s fine — it’s just not how we roll.

    You guys should read the part in Freakonomics about names.

  11. Hollie says:

    I absoutley love Addisyn ( That’s how I spell my daughters name) I loved it from the first time I heard it which was when I first started watching Grey’s Anatomy. I said to my fiance that if we have a girl ( I was 6 weeks prego) that would be her name. It’s meaning is son of Adam so I’ve heard it used for a boy and a girl. I used the “Y” in it to make it more feminine.

  12. tara h says:

    the name addison is great. i know of 2 little girls so far with that name (20 months old and 7 months old). its better than madison. when naming your children, keep in mind that if you choose a popular name, there will probably be many kids with that same name in their class, school, and activities. in high school there were 3 jessicas in my class of 15, nearly 20 jennifers in my graduating class, and many joe’s and josh’s. my kids are named ashley (1), natalie (4) and connor (9) and i love each name. natalie’s and connor’s names are much more popular than ashley’s. naming a child can be fun and frustrating. enjoy your baby and dont bother with people who criticize the name you chose for him or her

  13. Angela says:

    We didn’t discuss they naming of either of our children with friends or family. My husband and I wanted to name our girls and we didn’t want any outside pressure. Not that we didn’t still get it! We let everyone throw in their 2 cents but it didn’t influence us at all. After they were born we said this is the name we’ve chosen like it or hate it but just keep your mouth shut. Love our children for who they are not what their name is!

  14. Cindy says:

    It’s funny because my daughter’s name is Camden. Everyone thinks she’s a boy and I have to correct them constantly. I LOVE her name and don’t think any other name would fit her. We gave our son a very masculine name (Jackson) so people hopefully don’t get their names confused (at least until they meet them). I really never cared what anyone else thought of our kid’s names. My husband and I love them and our opinions are the ones that matter!

  15. Vanessa says:

    I love the name Addison! I actually ‘considered’ it for my third daughter.

  16. j g says:

    love the name Addison, my daughter was almost an Addison, We went to a Cubs game in Chicago the night before she was born.(for those of ou who dont know Wrigley field is on the corner of Clark and Addison), i told my brother if i went into labor there she was def going to be an addison since i hadnt chosen a name yet. i ended up having her the next day Big Suprise 4 weeks early it took me 2 days to name her, she is an Avery, which is also a more clasical name and it can be for a boy too as many people have pointed out to me. i dont care, personally i dont think Avery Rose is a very Boyish name lol

  17. Cheryl Ford says:

    In response to “Renda’s” comment posted 5/4/2011 @ 3:30pm…it doesn’t matter what you name your child…just make sure they grow up to be as loving, kind and wonderful as Gabrielle Barr, AKA “Gay Barr”. She used to laugh at the conotation behind her nickname. She was a fabulous lady who stood beside me as my Maid of Honor when I married. Unfortunately, my best friend left us way too soon in Dec. 2003…a very young victim of Multiple Myeloma. I often return to Wayfarer’s Chapel in Palos Verdes, CA, the site of my wedding, because of the time we shared there. Miss you…we were supposed to grow old together!!!

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