My Daughter Only Wants To Be Held


Avery has become a lot more alert in the past couple of weeks. Rather than her sleeping most of the time, she is awake and wants to see whats going on in the world around her. I really do love it when she is awake because she loves to watch everything and smile at what makes her happy.

With her newfound sense of noticing more comes days when she does not want to take a nap. She is almost so over stimulated with everything that going to sleep is her last priority. She’s not a cranky baby when she stays up this long, but she does have one stipulation. She only wants to be held. She’s as happy as a clam when she is awake, but only if someone has her in their arms.

If I need to get any work done around the apartment, I’ll try to put her in the swing or down on the floor on her play mat and she enjoys it for about 2.5 seconds until she begins to cry. The second I pick her up, it’s as if she doesn’t have a care in the world.

If she were my only child, this might not be a big deal to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love to hold her and cuddle with her, but with a very demanding toddler in the house, it makes it very difficult to hold Avery and care to the needs of my other daughter. I’ve tried to wear her in the Moby wrap, which she enjoys, but even with her in there it still makes it hard to do things.

Sometimes I will just let her cry for a minute so that I can finish what I was doing with Harlan, but Harlan begins to notice it and it bothers her. Yesterday Avery was crying in the other room while I was trying to get dinner finished and Harlan comes up to me and says, “my baby sister is not happy right now. Pick her up mommy.” Harlan hates it if Avery is upset for too long.

Avery is only seven weeks old, so this might be normal for a baby her age, but I don’t remember this happening with Harlan.

Any advice?

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