My Diaper Admission


I was born and raised a woman of thrift. In my childhood home nothing was name brand. It was Toasti-Os and Corn Bitz. I never minded. This philosophy of bargain shopping spread to every area of my life. Why on Earth would I pay extra for something simply because it had brand value behind it?

Fast forward a few years to when I was preparing to have Tate. My husband has never been quite as interested in buying the very cheapest option available – he always had the belief you get what you pay for. I remember discussing diapers and stating that there couldn’t possibly be much difference between the expensive Pampers and the store brand.

We had the good fortune of being gifted an incredible amount of diapers. We have only purchased two packages in the two and a half months that we have been parents. This has given us the guilt free option of trying out many brands and styles. And here comes my admission… I totally and completely prefer Pampers (the most expensive brand we tried) to anything else. They seem to fit the best, to be the softest, and to be the most absorbant.

We are still working our way through the diapers we were given, but in the mean time I am trying to decide if I will try to justify spending almost double the money on the good stuff or if I will let my budgetary concerns win out.

What are your thoughts on pricey diapers vs. budget options? Do you have a preference, and if you do, are they they brand you buy?