My Favorite 5 Minutes of the Day


As Avery gets older and more aware of our daily routine, I’ve evolved it more and added new things as I see fit. I am such a sucker for a great routine, but completely understand when the girls can outgrow certain things and they no longer fit into our schedule.

Avery anticipates bedtime every single night. I usually nurse her, let her play with Harlan for a little bit and then put her down in her crib. A couple of days ago rather than putting Avery directly in her crib after playing, I went to the rocker in the corner of her room and just started rocking with her. I used to do it with Harlan all the time before bed, but having two kids to get ready for bedtime shakes things up a bit. I have Harlan running in asking me questions or getting her pajamas and Avery trying to settle down all at the same time.

That night I started singing to her as I rocked her. She put her head down on my chest and then looked back up at me as I was singing. She knew that this wasn’t part of our nightly routine, but she was going with it. She then put her cheek up to mine and looked in the mirror next to the chair. She giggled with her cheek against mine as we rocked back and forth and I sang to her. A couple of minutes later I gave her one last kiss and placed in her crib for bed. She quietly rolled on her stomach and quietly fell asleep.

It was such a magical quiet moment that Avery and I don’t get very often. She’s growing up so quickly that I’ve almost forgotten to enjoy the baby moments. Just sitting in that chair with her all alone was like I was stopping time for just five minutes so that I could enjoy my baby.

Since that night, Avery and I have added that special five minutes to our nightly routine. We sit in her chair and sing while rocking back and forth. She doesn’t sit and cuddle every single time, but regardless of whether she is jumping up and down on my legs or resting her head on my shoulder, it’s five minutes of just us and focusing on nothing other than that.

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