My Favorite Photos from Avery's 15th Month

Avery turned 15 months old last week. It’s so amazing to watch and compare how she grows each month. She is definitely exiting the baby stage and is becoming more and more of a toddler. She is talking all the time and she can really get her message across when she wants something. Her favorite thing to do is play with her sister. Those girls are always laughing and running around together. It is an absolute joy to watch.

We also went for Avery’s 15 month check-up this month. The doctor said that she is meeting and exceeding all of her milestones. We also had a a major breakthrough in her weight issue. It’s something that I’ve been waiting to find out for a long time and I was so relieved after the appointment. Avery’s 15th month proved to be another great month with so many great memories.

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    Click through for some of my favorite photos from Avery's 15th month.

  • Sunny Days 2 of 13

    This photo makes her look wise beyond her years. She positioned her sunglasses like this because I had mine like that too. The little smirk on her face just says it all. 

  • Sleepy Girl 3 of 13

    Avery never sleeps in her stroller. Ever. This was a rainy Saturday and she just happened to fall asleep right before we got home. Typical. The moment needed to be documented because it really never happens.

  • Food Snatcher 4 of 13

    Every time her sister would look away she would take something off of her plate. Even though they had the exact same lunch. I thought it was the funniest thing ever.

  • Carousel Fun 5 of 13

    She's only been on the carousel a hand full of times, but this time she really enjoyed it. She was all smiles the entire time.

  • In the Grass 6 of 13

    This photo might not look like a big deal, but for Avery, it really is. She was terrified of the grass. She wouldn't step off of our blanket at all. She saw her sister and daddy playing soccer and was inspired to do the same. So she got over her fear and did it. I was so proud.

  • Snowcone Goodness 7 of 13

    I bought a snowcone for myself and Avery couldn't wait to get her hands on it. After every lick, she would just sit there and say "mmmmmmm."

  • Beach Baby 8 of 13

    This is another big milestone because she was also terrified of the sand. On our recent trip to the beach, she got over that fear and played in the sand and the water. It was so fun to watch her.

  • Shake Shack Treat 9 of 13

    Avery had a GI appointment this month that brought good news. She's gaining weight, and although still small, she's still following her own curve. We celebrated the good news with cheese fries from Shake Shack, one of our favorite places to go. Avery didn't really like the fries as much as she just liked the cheese.

  • Happy Girl 10 of 13

    That smile on her face just melts my heart. Love that girl.

  • Bus Buddy 11 of 13

    She had her own seat on the bus and was so proud. She looked around to make sure people were looking at her. It was so cute.

  • A Girl and her Doll 12 of 13

    She loves this doll. She gives it kisses and hugs. It's so cute to watch her with her "baby" as she calls it. 

  • Hello From the Swing 13 of 13

    This is how Avery rides on the swing. Waving hi to every single person around her. This photo describes her personality so well. I love that she is so social.

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