My Favorite Pictures from Month 2

My baby is 2 months old today. I honestly can hardly believe it, I could swear he just hit one month yesterday.

Even though he spends most of his days on me in some fashion, I spend a lot of time looking at pictures of him. And he has changed SO much in the past 8 weeks, it’s almost unbelievable. I realized yesterday that though we’ve taken literally almost a thousand pictures of Eli in his first two months, that more than 90% of them have been on my phone.

It’s not that we don’t have a nice camera, we totally do, it’s that most of the time, the pictures are unplanned and if I went for the camera that is sitting, oh, 12 inches away, I’d miss the moment. And I guess given the choice, I’ll take not as great quality over no pictures any day.

So despite the fact that these are all iPhone pictures and therefore not the most amazing quality, these are my very favorite pictures of Elijah from his second month.

  • Tired Face 1 of 12
    Tired Face
    This baby fights sleep like no one's business. But when he crashes, he is just as sweet as he could possibly be. And as a bonus, he's even learning to put himself to sleep in his bed at night now!
  • Hey look, my bird! 2 of 12
    Hey look, my bird!
    Eli has a bit of a positional preference with his neck, so we put a bird on his carseat to encourage him to look that way. It took about 2 weeks for him to notice it, but now he loves to chat with his birdie.
  • Big boy shoes! 3 of 12
    Big boy shoes!
    My husband found these in a drawer and put them on Eli for Father's Day brunch. They already barely fit now!
  • 0-3 months? 4 of 12
    0-3 months?
    The shoes may have gotten to small, but the 0-3 month sweatshirt we brought to Santa Barbara was a little large still.
  • Smiles! 5 of 12
    I haven't yet captured a full awake smile, but this is a pretty close one and pretty darn cute if you ask me.
  • Post-vaccine Eli 6 of 12
    Post-vaccine Eli
    This was one seriously sad baby. And one seriously unpleasant afternoon/evening.
  • Head Control 7 of 12
    Head Control
    This is Eli's preferred sleeping position. Though adorable, it's not my favorite for his neck.
  • Talking with Dad 8 of 12
    Talking with Dad
    At dinner on vacation my two guys had a pretty serious conversation about something. Even our awful waiter thought it was pretty adorable.
  • Thumb 9 of 12
    It is becoming increasingly clear that my baby wants to be a thumb sucker, he is just not coordinated enough yet so mostly he punches himself in the face and cries a lot.
  • Superman! 10 of 12
    Doesn't he look fast in his shoes? Faster than a speeding bullet, perhaps?
  • Batman Smiles 11 of 12
    Batman Smiles
    This big grin was not directed at me, or even at his bird. No, this is my son, smiling at a huge display of wine. Suddenly I see the family resemblance.
  • Naked Baby 12 of 12
    Naked Baby
    Who doesn't love a naked baby? I mean really.

I can’t wait to see what month 3 brings!

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