My First Booby Trap

My *free* formula sample… I never signed up for!

We had not been home from the hospital for 24 hours, and my estimated due date of May 8th still has not arrived, but my free formula samples made their way into my mailbox today.  And I am still trying to figure out how in the hell it happened!

Since my first son was born, I have been a big breastfeeding advocate, despite having no choice but to use formula with my second son because of a bad allergy he had.  It was heartbreaking, but it gave me a great understanding of the flip side of things. Anyway!

From day one our breastfeeding relationship has been awesome. Nothing short of successful, even being able to use bottles as well as breastfeed directly to have a slight break on the nights I was solo in the hospital. Everyone told me to rest as much as I could, especially after a c-section because when I got home, I wouldn’t be getting much rest, and I took their advice.  I think it has made a huge difference in my recovery as opposed to my past cesarean recoveries.

We finally got home yesterday afternoon, a little before 3pm.  By today at 11am there were Enfamil samples in my mailbox, something I never signed up for. Hell, with my other children I ended up with a ton of crap from Similac, which I called and requested to have stopped, and eventually the stuff stopped coming.  But it was just so amazing to me that before my daughter was even due to be born the stuff would have been ready and available in the house. Total booby trap!

Sadly if I didn’t know any better, or had a rough night like many mothers do, that little sample and free checks towards future purchases could totally have put the kibosh on my breastfeeding relationship altogether. Kind of makes me upset that the marketing on this stuff is so cut-throat that someone like myself could even end up with it in my mailbox!

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