My Guy Friday: Funny Valentines Gifts for Boys


My Funny Valentine: Gifts for Boys

Last week we got our Geek-On in My Guy Friday, my little weekly shopping adventure for baby boy. This week I get out the Whoopie Cushion and celebrate man-humor in honor of my little funny valentine, complete with bad smells and underpants. I mean really, what’s funnier than underpants?

Get the sources…

Who’s Making That Smell?
Quinn got this from Santa. Potty humor knows has no gender bounderies.

XYZ Blocks
Quite possibly the best Gift For Baby (but really for parent) ever.

Super Snapsuit
If you’re not convinced, see who’s baby wore one!

Moody Camel Hand Embroidery
This has made me laugh for days. I want everything from her shop.

I had a really hard time finding a truly funny baby onsie. Whatcha got for me? So many, but not so funny, right? Personally, I want this one but that is really only funny if your name is Gordon. And still not so much funny but rather… Awesome.