My Guy Friday: Swedish Model


Swedish baby products

My Guy Friday is back! We did Geek-Chic and we did Funny Valentine and now we are here with boy-friendly gear from Sweden. Why Sweden? My brother, his wife and their 20month old are living there for a few months while my brother works on a project.

My sister-in-law has been entertaining me with terrifying tales of public transportation with a toddler in a foreign country, and her disappointment when she tuned in to ‘Bygglov’ expecting ‘Big Love’ but instead finding some weird Swedish Home Improvement show. So we are all a little Sweden obsessed right now. And that was before a glorious big brown box arrived on our doorstep filled with beautiful Swedish gear for the gang! Get the sweet Swedish sources…

Brio: Puck the Dog – Puck is at the center of an intense love triangle here at the house right now. He’s a puzzle and a lovable toy. Worth the fight, I suspect.

Flensted: Swallow Mobile – Elegant high-contrast mobile, perfect for developing eyesight.

Lipfish: Monkey Jumpsuit – Gorgeous! Beautifully made with super soft, brightly colored cotton. Adorable characters!

Playsam: Playforever Bruno Racing Car – This might be the most beautiful toy I have ever seen!