My Holiday Wish List


I admit it. I am a terrible person to shop for. There’s never anything I need because I either buy it myself or I figure out a work-around and stop needing it. I don’t have hobbies that require gear, and my husband isn’t brave enough to try buying me clothes. The end result is that I usually end up getting gift cards for Christmas, which is always nice. However, as a mom who is trying to put a priority on teaching my kids about giving as well as getting during the holiday season, it’s important for me to be able to make at least a couple of suggestions to my husband so he can help my son pick something out for me. So, having a Christmas wish list is really for the children.

I’ve given it some thought and came up with a few ideas of gifts that fit into my new-mom life. Fancy clothes, make-up and jewelry are non-starters, but there are things that are special enough to be good gifts but practical enough to warm my pragmatic mom-heart. Here’s what I’m asking for this holiday season!

  • Beaba BabyCook 1 of 6
    Beaba BabyCook
    I failed utterly at making baby food for my son but I want to try again for my daughter. This little gizmo is supposed to make the job quick and easy!
    Purchase from Buy Buy Baby for $119
  • New Bedding 2 of 6
    New Bedding
    When sleep is the ultimate luxury, luxurious bedding is a must. Plus my bedroom could use a style refresh and this pretty bedding would do the trick!
    Purchase from Land's End - Prices Vary
  • Personalized Necklace 3 of 6
    Personalized Necklace
    I sent my husband the link to this necklace and told him what color gems to get. I better see it under the tree. That's all I'm saying.
    Purchase from Love Stamped for $45
  • Minivan 4 of 6
    OK, this is kind of over-the-top but a mom can dream, right?
    Purchase from Toyota - Prices Vary by Model
  • Photo Book 5 of 6
    Photo Book
    A friend has done one of these for each year of her daughter's life. I love the idea and want to start the tradition for my family!
    Purchase from Snapfish - Prices Vary
  • Slippers 6 of 6
    Warm fuzzy slippers are perfect for cold nights and sneaking into the baby's room to check on her without waking her up!
    Purchase from LL Bean for $69

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