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My Husband Handles Midnight Feedings.

By caseymullins |

Confession: My husband willingly takes command of nighttime wakings. He has for weeks. He claims that he and Vivi are on the same schedule so when he got up for a midnight pee, Vivi was ready for a nighttime nosh and diaper change, thus their little midnight rendezvous were born, so to speak. I am horrible at falling back asleep, so that he willingly takes over nighttime duties saves both of us a lot of troubles.

Certainly one of the limited benefits of being a formula feeder.

For those first eight weeks I was in charge of all of it, which is why we never left the bed. I HAD to sleep when she slept otherwise I would have been a useless zombie with everything I had to take care of in the night with three part feedings. There were times Cody was able to give her a bottle after I nursed and while I pumped but I always felt bad waking him up. This other kid of ours deserved at least one well rested parent come morning. Besides, he had this job he had to go to and it’s not one that can be performed while half asleep.

Those first few weeks, whether you’re an exclusive breastfeeder, exclusive bottle feeder, a desperate to breastfeeder or somewhere in between are exhausting. Until you figure out your baby and your baby figures out that sleep is well worth their while, it’s every dad and moms responsibility not to eat their mates head praying mantis style.

For us, Cody takes the night wakings and I handle the day to day details of having a baby around. It works for us and I sure am lucky to have a guy around that doesn’t mind taking over at night, especially since he doesn’t get to spend as much time with her during the day, you know, with that job thing.

What’s the arrangement like in your house?

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3 thoughts on “My Husband Handles Midnight Feedings.

  1. Kelsey says:

    As the full-time worker and the breastfeeding mom, I handle the nighttime feedings on my own. My husband only gets called into action for diaper changes that also require changing the sheets in the crib. He is the stay-at-home parent, and I definitely still love that late-night snuggle time. It makes me very reluctant to try and cut out a nighttime feeding any time soon. Not that I’d say no if the wee baby decided to just wake up less on his own…

  2. Abby says:

    We live in a loft, which means that you can hear every little noise in every part of our place. While this has been good for the moments we have the baby sleeping upstairs and want to grab a bite to eat downstairs, since you never have to worry about not hearing her, it also means: you always hear her. :) So nighttime waking always means we both are awake. It’s only been six weeks, but our process so far is to have the baby in a bassinet next to the bed on my side — she cries, my husband wakes her up, de-swaddles and changes her, and gives her to me. I feed her in bed while he goes back to sleep for about 20 minutes. I burp the baby, then he wakes up and swaddles her up again and either puts her back down to sleep or works on soothing her if she’s not ready to go down right away. I’ve mentioned to him before that he seems to be getting the raw end of the deal, but he then reminds me I’m the one alone with her at home on weekdays right now, so there’s an inequity to begin with there. Which is an EXCELLENT point. :) So far, it’s working out pretty well — both my husband and I have gotten very good at falling asleep in moments as soon as we’re sure the other person “has the baby,” regardless of any light or sound.

  3. Melanie says:

    Those first few weeks, my daughter would wake up at 11 to eat. I would go to bed as soon as I put her down (8ish) and my husband would stay up He would give her a bottle of EBM then go to bed. I would then wake up for the next feeding (4ish) and pump after to have a bottle for the next night. Of course, that 11 feeding was the first feeding she dropped so he got off pretty easy!

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