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Are You My Mother?

At barely fourteen weeks, Fuzzball is already having  issues with others holding him. I thought the separation anxiety started much later. At least, it did for our other son. He could be passed around and around without issue for almost a year. In fact, he slept on other people for hours sometimes.

Last night, I was in my friend’s kitchen and offered to help make dinner if someone would hold the baby. Another friend was there and she offered, as most people do.  Who can resist the super squooshy deliciousness that is Fuzzball? I passed him off and tried to get a smile out of him. He looked at me with this strange, curious look, as if to say: “How can you be over there? You’re holding…wait a second…”

The look changed to a sort of panicked expression. Then, the lower lip came out…followed by the scrunched up face…and then the wail.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have lingered after I handed him over.

So, I didn’t get to help with dinner. But, that’s okay. I got to hold my baby.

Does your baby let others hold him or her?