My Mom Schedule


Getting back to life after Tate has been a bit of a struggle. I can accomplish basic tasks like eat, shower, and get dressed. And I even get an unusual amount accomplished at the farmers market. But there is one thing I simply can’t seem to get done during the day – blogging. 

Before I had the baby I was writing a style blog that I was obsessed with devoted to. If I didn’t post every week day, there was clearly something wrong. These days, if I get 2 posts up in a week I give myself a big fat pat on the back. The only time I can really focus on writing seems to be after Tate goes to bed. In some ways, I honestly enjoy the “me time”, maybe a bit too much. It’s gotten to the point where I rarely get to bed before 1:00 am and it seems to be creeping toward two these days. I am naturally a night owl, and thank goodness, Tate goes back down immediately after his first morning feeding, but when it’s time to get up, I am beat.

I am hoping as Tate grows and gets more independant that I might be able to get some extra things done during the day. But for now, the schedule seems here to stay.

What’s your mom schedule? How do you cope with having little time for yourself? Leave your thoughts in the comments.