My Secret to Getting a Baby to Sleep Longer

This mom's secret to getting baby to sleep longer
This mom's secret to getting baby to sleep longer

I have a secret to making my baby sleep longer.

This secret started with my first baby. I noticed this significant difference when she was around 5 months.

By doing this one little thing – WHAM! her sleep increased by at least an hour.  Since having 3 more babies, if a good night sleep is needed, I just do this little secret.

What’s my secret?
footed pajamas



Yes, folks. Footed pajamas make my babies sleep longer. I am guessing it’s the comfort and warmth factor. Whenever our baby need some extra z’s, we just slip him into a pair of pjs with feet and he sleeps longer.

While this may not work for everyone, hopefully this silly little tip will help a mom out there who needs their baby to sleep more soundly.

Now, the question is – will this secret work for moms?

If anything I think these may work as excellent birth control!

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Do You Have a Secret for Helping Your Baby Sleep Longer?


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