My Solid Food Baby

Evie Eating Carrots & Apples

It’s a done deal. My baby is eating solids. Admittedly, we’ve been at it for a month now, introducing new foods every few days, and it has been soooo much fun to see her reactions.

I knew my baby girl was ready because she kept grabbing at my spoon, chomping her lips. (PROOF that babies are ridiculously observant.)

Her first taste was complete disgust, but by the end of that short feeding, she was grunting for more and pulling the spoon into her mouth. Mommy’s Little Piggy!

So far, favorites include bananas, apples, sweet potatoes and carrots. She hates peas and avocado. Go figure.

(keep reading for another cute picture!)

I still want her to be my little baby, so she only gets a few tablespoons… it’s more for fun and because she’s so into it.

A few days ago, she grabbed at my water cup, put her mouth around the straw and drank out of it. Seriously? Our dinners are never going to be the same with our new grabby hungry little baby.

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