My Theory on Why Paul Doesn't Sleep Through the Night

I’m not going to say that Paul never sleeps, because that would be extreme. But I can unfortunately report that Paul never sleeps through the night.

I mean, he’s slept through the night before. But that hasn’t happened in months.

Currently, Paul gets up consistently around 1:30 AM and then again around 4:40 AM. Couple that with three other kids getting up for 100 different random reasons, and I’ve found myself at my wits end. Like, I feel like I never sleep in increments longer than a hour.

I look like crap, and I feel even worse than I look.

I’ve been convinced (by people I’m related to that shall not be named because they will get defensive, *ahem*) that the reason Paul’s not sleeping through the night is because he’s hungry. They’ve convinced me I don’t make enough milk to sustain him through a solid eight hour stretch. And he’s starving.

But do you think that’s really the case? Do you think that at five months old, my milk is not sustaining him anymore?

Maybe. But I have a different theory.

My theory is that he flips over from his back to his belly, and gets stuck. He then inches his way forward, wedging himself into the crib corner. His bald baby head then hits the crib rails. Realizing he’s stuck, he wakes himself up and wails for me to come to his rescue.

I’m not sure it has anything to do with being hungry. But since I’m awake and in the nursery, I nurse him anyway. And then the whole thing plays out again a few hours later.

I don’t know what to do. I can’t let him cry it out, Paul shares a room with his two year old brother, and waking him up isn’t a option.

We are going to go ahead and start solids, but skip the rice cereal.

Sleepless nights are tough. People tell me it’s just a phase, and it will pass in time. But that’s an easy statement to say, when you’re not the one up all night.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago
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