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My Top 10 Useless Baby Products

By Danielle |

Even Addie is bored!

There are so many products on the market for babies… I mean, seriously have you ever seen the inside of a Babies R Us?   I mean, don’t get me wrong… I love the place, it is like my big girl playground, and it is a serious enemy of my bank account as well.

But sometimes I am walking around the store wondering to myself… what the hell would you even use that for? Not to mention some of these fancy new baby products cost more than my first car even did!  

Some of the products I even had to try out for myself to understand what the big deal was about, and can’t imagine using them again, or even suggesting other new mothers run out and invest in these products, or even register for them when it comes time for the arrival of their little one.

Of course I am sure there are some moms out there who swear by these products, in which I simply say, everyone does things differently!

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My Top 10 Useless Baby Products

1- Baby Care Timer

Do you really need a timer to tell you when you need to feed or change your baby? I know some first time moms are worried about not knowing, but believe me... your baby will let you know!

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Wipe Warmer : BabiesRUs
Bedding Set: BabiesRUs
Baby Shoes:
Walker: BabiesRUs
Car Seat Bunting: BabiesRUs
Pacifier Clip: BabiesRUs
Pacifier Wipes: BabiesRUs
Baby Care Timer: BabiesRUs



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123 thoughts on “My Top 10 Useless Baby Products

  1. Libby says:

    I agree with everything except the pacifier clip. While it is so hideous it does serve it’s purpose in keeping the paci off the floor (which is inevitably covered in dog hair) and ensures that she is using her own paci at day care.

    What is up with those baby shoes anyway?

  2. Tarah says:

    I actually found my itzbeen incredibly helpful for about the first month. With my son taking medicine for congestion it was the only way I could keep up with it and I could use it to see how long since his last diaper change and stuff, because sometimes things did get away from me. Wipe warmer was definitely useful for the first 3 or 4 months. With warm wipes i could change his diapers without even waking him up. With cold he would scream bloody murder. Peepee teepee I think are usless, although not for that reason. My son has peed on me probably 3 dozen times in his 7 months of life (seriously every time I changed his diaper as a new baby) but the whole peepee teepee seemed useless to me because it just doesn’t seem like it would stay on with a kicking baby. Lastly, the pacifier clips is a LIFESAVER. The first time my son decided to take a pacifier was at 4 months old at a concert. I spent half the night looking for the pacifier and cleaning it off because every time he popped it out of his mouth it tumbled to the floor. And even at home, it falls and gets covered in dog hair because no matter how much I vacuum there is dog hair somewhere, usually under the couch, where the pacifier inevitably bounces too, and since it is wet, it picks up every single piece of hair, lol. I would have to add diaper genies. We never had one and probably never will. I just put the diapers in a sack at night and carried out the next morning. Crib is pretty useless to us so far, but we will eventually use it (but let’s face it, they are all overpriced). I totally agree about the bedding sets. I pieced my own together using wonder bumpers and got what i wanted for way less. And I wondered the same thing about pacifier wipes. I mean, what makes them different? Are they flavored? Or magical? Or just wipes repackaged as pacifier wipes?

  3. Ladybug11780 says:

    I still use the wipes warmer. I love it.

  4. Alison says:

    I second Tarah on the crib itself, never mind the bedding. I agree with most of this list, but my DD really loved her walker. She zinged around the kitchen while I made dinner really well and it was great for keeping her amused. Also, the baby shoes are really impractical but really cute (and not too expensive).

  5. Meghan says:

    also unless the car seat bunting is a shower cap style.. the type that does not go behind the baby and come between them and the harness.. they are actually not even safe for use with the car seat. Manufactures state that you should never use something that goes between the baby and the harness.. such products are not crash tested with your car seat!

    We never used the wipes warmer either.. but actually we borrowed a neighbors jumperoo thing and Nolan really liked it. lol

  6. Hollie says:

    The pacifier wipes and clips are finally coming in handy now that my baby is 7 months, even though she doesn’t use a pacifier! Teething = everything in her mouth. However, she also is into throwing things down. When we are walking through the mall or grocery store, I can either clip the toy to her stroller so it doesn’t hit the floor, or if it can’t be clipped, I can pick it up, wipe with the pacifier wipe, and give it back.

  7. Kim Q says:

    Different strokes, blah blah blah. :o ) We use or have used pacifier clips (again with the dog hair), a wipe warmer (winter baby who DID find wipes really cold, even in Florida- this has since been fazed out), and a walker. We have absolutely zero steps in our house, so no issues with using a walker.

  8. denne says:

    They really do make some crazy gadgets. I’m a fan of the pacifier clips, without it they just usually end up on the ground all the time. A small lifesaver for the frazzled auntie trying to babysit : ) My nieces and nephews loved their walkers too. Mobility plus a handy play/food surface. Thankfully no steps to fall down here but I see where the danger lies.

  9. Kaitlyn says:

    Ya I’ve never really used any of those things lol! Except for the shoes…..can’t go to church barefoot!

  10. Ashley says:

    I loved our walker and so did my son. I think that the only people who end up in ER’s from a walker accident should not have kids! Who seriously puts their kid in a walker near steps? We also love the wipe warmer. It helped us tremendously in the beginning with our son. And all though I think shoes are pointless in the beginning I would totally have matching shoes for every outfit if I had a girl ;)

  11. Amanda S says:

    the walker isn’t actually recommended by our pediatrician, so we never got one. the wipe warmer seemed pointless to me. I would just shake the wipe and rub in in my hands, it got warm. the only thing we did have on that list was the car seat bunting that I put on our stroller. We don’t own a car, so we walked every where. If we owned a car, it would have been pointless.

  12. Heidi says:

    I couldn’t live without the pacifier clips. We don’t use them when the baby is asleep or lying on his back, of course, but in all other scenarios… dog hair / etc.

    and while the pee pee tee pees are ridiculous, we’ve had MANY incidents, even when being very efficient with the diaper. We have to put something there, but buying a specific product seems silly when there’s a washcloth near to hand. And I promise, I’m a quick draw with a diaper. Some little boys just get inspired by the air!

  13. SarahF says:

    I never write on these things, but with this I feel compeled. I loved out walker with my daughter (now 18 months) and willmost certainly pull it out for my son. I also believe that its all about common sense where you allow it to be used. It enabled my now very independent daughter a way to explore on her own and what interested her and for as long as it interested her.

  14. Heather says:

    Car seat “buntings” ARE a necessity in -30 degrees F, 40 mph wind, winters of North Dakota. Even in the cooler months, it’s always windy (not a little breezy, I mean WINDY constantly) and those baby blankets fly away like kites! Not about to chase down a blanket while lugging a carseat when I can have one attached that will not budge. I don’t even live in North Dakota anymore and I will still use these. They are incredible!

  15. Rose says:

    We used carseat covers with our first two kiddies (both winter babies) but we lived in North Pole, AK, where the temps really are freezing cold almost all the time in the winter. So, with weeks of cold snaps where the temp is -50 degrees below zero, they were almost a necessity, because just walking from the door to the car, was enough to make them scream, at least with a blanket and then the cover on the warm air was trapped for a tiny bit. Most places yes, probably would seem rediculous. But we loved ours, it saved us from many a screaming sessions because our poor kiddies were so cold :)

  16. jackie says:

    baby shoes are pointless.. I have a box full of sizes from newborn up to 3 that have NOT been worn.. or were worn once for pictures.. – The pacifier clip is a lifesaver! Our daughter always had it clipped to her, it was better than searching on the ground for it.. She is now 18 months old, and hates it.. but at least she hands me her paci when she’s done with it. – the wipe warmer does come in handy.. and YES babies do not like cold wipes.. especially when you’re changing them in the middle of the night.. a howling baby convince you to warm them up!

  17. Tracy says:

    Disagree with some of your choices! We loved the paci clips and car seat bunting!

  18. cori says:

    i love the carseat cover but you are right blankets work just as well

  19. Bethany says:

    Omg… I bought my son a jumperroo for the door frame and EVERY time I clip it on, I pull on it and make sure that it’s secure. He loves the thing. LOL

  20. Kristie says:

    My first son had a walker at his grandma’s and had a nasty spill while she was babysitting. That thing went straight into the garbage!

  21. cassie says:

    We had crib sets for both our kids. We had to use the Bumpers due to the fack their legs would get stuck between the crib and mattress becaues they would sleep right up against the side of the crib. As for shoes if you do not get your little ones use to wearing shoes, they are not going to want to wear them when they learn to walk. With everything we had when we had our first child, I thought the most usless thing was the changing table. I would use the bed or the floor instead. another usless baby thing I have found that should of made the list would be baby braclets, they are a health hazerd and can not believe people would put them on babys.

  22. Shelly Amidon says:

    While I agree with some of those products being useless, I find the walker to be very useful. My son had a Tot rider. I also used the pacifier clip when going to the grocery store because he would drop it constantly. As for the pee pee tee pees, I never used them, but I wish I had! lol. I got peed on sometimes 3 times a day! It was like as soon as the cooler air hit him, he had to go. As for the rest of the items, useless. Especially the pacifier wipes, baby shoes, and the baby care timer. I had never even heaard of that unitl now!

  23. Erin says:

    I completely disagree with this list! I have found the majority of the things you listed as actually very helpful. My son LOVES the jumparoo. He jumps all the time. Can’t get enough! Also, he cruises around in his walker and loves exploring. He was to the point of frustration and boredom in his stationary exercauser. This way we have a little variety. Of course I took precautions and baby proofed as a responsible parent would. The wipe warmer may seem ridiculous but you want a cold cloth rubbed on your bottom in the middle of the night? Why not just make baby as comfy as possible. I normally love getting your write ups but this one I have to disagree with.

  24. Karen says:

    I agree with all except the car seat cover thing (kinda), the clip, and walker (kinda) . My son was born in March and we moved to the desert right after so its shoved in a closet but i liked it the whole week i used it lol. I like the clip because my son only takes a bink when hes in the car or in the carrier and hes a big smiler so when we’re at the store any one that says “aw how handsome” gets a smile and without the clip id have to cary like 20 binnkys in the d-bag. Walkers actually do let baby get a hang of walking, and my brother hated being held for any thing and by any one so it was good to have back in 96, but they are dangerous and we wont be using one because our apt is too tiny. After mentioning my brother id like to say that i blame all his teenage stupidity on all the times he wammed his head into the door frame while in his door-jumper, also in 96, so i 100% those things should not be sold any more unless every one is pinning pillows to the walls like my mom did. Pee-tee-pee same tihng … seriously! and in any case its your baby and you know what you’re feeding him is his pee really that gross? Wipe warmer: u are wiping a booty not wiping down a counter it shouldnt take long. Baby shoesx im a sucker for yes i got my new born shoes that he never got to wear but they are soooooooo cute!!!!!! :)

  25. Nichole says:

    HAHA. Pretty useless. Well, if the wipes are that cold I hold them to my skin for a little while. I applaud any mother that has had only half a dozen pee incidents in two boys. I’ve got two boys and on one tired day I misjudged and I got hosed twice. And with the walkers, they’re fun and cute and just be careful -like everything else.

  26. laura says:

    yeah, we love our wipes warmer and so does our baby!!! the reason we use shoes, especially in winter, is to keep baby’s socks on! if he wasn’t wearing shoes when we went out and about, he’d kick his socks right off!

  27. Jessica says:

    I agree with most of this except for the Crib Bedding. I do not think the bumpers are as dangerous as the exposed rails. have you ever had a kids leg poke out of there? How about up to the hip and then their little legs swell and you cant get them out? then you have a dangerous situation as well as an expensive one. you are sawing through your $300+ crib to free the childs leg while trying to not actually remove the leg itself! have a kid that is standing and gets their leg caught and tries to work it free, breaking the young bones or dislocating a hip.

  28. Sarah L. Powell says:


  29. Annie says:

    i have that exact jumperoo pictured for my son and he loves it! hes never gotten hurt from it

  30. Jessica says:

    No one said that bumpers were a big “no-no”. Some states have laws, but they’re really personal decision. I like my crib set. I used a walker with both kids. It made them happy when they weren’t mobile yet. The Itzbeen would have been useful since I had a hard time keeping up with breast feedings.I used soft baby shoes for DD on special occasions. Liked binky holder for the car seat and out and about because we lost like 40 of them.
    *****also unless the car seat bunting is a shower cap style.. the type that does not go behind the baby and come between them and the harness.. they are actually not even safe for use with the car seat. Manufactures state that you should never use something that goes between the baby and the harness.. such products are not crash tested with your car seat!***– This person is correct and commented what I was going to.

  31. Vanessa says:

    The jumparoo is not good for the baby’s legs. It also make them hyper…maybe you should play with your baby and have floor time instead of always placing him in something, or send him to daycare…

  32. Sarah L. Powell says:


  33. Jennifer says:

    Amen Heather. We are stationed in Minot, ND and when I found out our little bundle was due in Dec a car seat bunting was the first thing I bought. People need to spend at least one winter up here to get it though. I thought KY was cold in Dec lol

  34. Elizabeth says:

    I agreed with you on the wipes warmer til I got my babies home. The first time I tried to change one of my twins in the middle of the night while not waking up the other one in a radiator-heated kinda chilly apartment was disastrous. It’s not that they can’t handle a room temp wipe – the cold wakes them up. I bought a wipes warmer the very next day.

  35. Elizabeth says:

    re: Carseat Bunting – It may not be relevant in most places, but in NYC, where you’re out walking in the wind and weather, I’m anticipating it being absolutely essential.

  36. Pat says:

    car seat bunting, paci clip and wipes warmer – were very essential for us, can’t imagine living without them!

  37. Erin says:

    Vanessa, I use the jumparoo when I shower so he is safe and I can see him. He gets plenty of floor/play time. No need for the rude comments.

  38. Beth says:

    I adore having a paci clip! They’re a life saver when DD is screaming in the backseat and I’m trying to get the paci in her mouth.
    I also had the timer when DD was first born. I used it mostly so I could keep track of how often she was nursing, rather than using it as an alarm. It was handy when the DR asked how often she was eating and for how long.

  39. heather says:

    Disagree on the car seat bunting and the wipes warmer. The wipes warmer is something I could do without, I got one as a gift and my baby loves the wipes being warmed…she cries when I have to use one that’s not (though I’ll admit that that is probably due to her being used to warm ones. The car seat bunting, however, is totally useful if you live, like I do, in a place where you get 10-20mph winds on almost a daily basis. A regular blanket is almost impossible to keep over the car seat.

  40. Stacey says:

    The car seat bunting is the most useful item for new parents in the winter. It was a lifesaver for us. It was so amazing not having to but all the snow gear on…just warm clothes, hat, mittens, and zip the baby up. I HIGHLY Recommend this product

  41. 2sense says:

    my doula gave me this tip for warming wipes while out and about: stuff it into your bra between the breasts, by the time you are ready to use the wipe, it’s warm :-)

  42. Denise says:

    The itzbeen has been one of my favorite baby items! you know exactly how long your baby has slept, the last time they were changed, and the last time they were breastfed and for how long each feeding was. You don’t have to worry about remembering what time anything was done! It is fabulous!

  43. Roni says:

    My baby loves her jumper, it works well. (I would never put her in it if I could not provide her total supervision). I love the pacifier clips my baby loves to take things and throw them on the floor– with the pacifier clip it doesn’t end up on the dirty floor. The pacifier wipes are strange I agree but they are awesome for things the baby puts in their mouths, like I said my little girl is in the stage of throwing everything thing, and restaurant floors are pretty gross. The pacifier wipes sanitize instantly and are safe to put directly back into their mouths

  44. Rosemary says:

    Sorry the jumperoo attached to the door frame is great! My daughter never really liked the stationary jumper or the exersaucer,but she loves the jumperoo. We always check to see if it is secure,and that she is w/in the weight limit. If it were a death trap,they would have recalled it long ago.

  45. Angela says:

    I actually disagree with a lot of these – ha ha, go figure {I’m usually the person that tries not to disagree} but here goes:

    1. Didn’t use & I think this is useless. However, in the very beginning I did write it down until I got into the swing of things – even then, you’re constantly doing so much that I sometimes I had think when I did what last… pen & paper seemed to work great though.

    2. Baby shoes – while cute are great so long as they are soft & squishy for their feet. I found that even though she {still} can’t walk, her feet touch the floor/ground when they play with her at daycare and with all those babies – it’s good to have something on her feet. I found these adorable baby slippers that were soft & squishy and some summer sandals too for a little bling since she loves to walk if we hold her – and this started at 5 months old.

    3. I did buy a bedding set – and it goes perfectly with the “theme” of her room {mind you, I have no specific theme – but more of a “feel”}. My daughter does have a crib bumper in her bed, but she loves to snuggle her back up to it so she feels like she’s being cuddled. And while we’re going to have to eventually it’s not going to be until she’s at least 2 and I love having a gorgeous bedding set on her crib in the meantime! Also, she’s a WICKED squirmy baby, and would probably bump her head and get her little arms and legs stuck in between the bars and then she’d try to move and she’d be stuck.

    4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Car Seat Bunting – and used it for the longest time. I’m from Rhode Island it was COLD when our little Sophia was born in February, BUT, she was one of those babies that loved to move – and still does. Blankets would be kicked off {we never even swaddled her because she loved to have her arms free and would cry if she was confined or felt “stuck”}. So this was great because I could zip it up and she stayed covered & toasty warm. Also, the top zips off, so when it got warmer out, I was able to zip the top off and have a nice soft, comfy seat for her to snuggle in while we were out & about. Plus, when it was cold I didn’t have to worry about putting 10 layers on her, I could snuggle her up in this and then zip off when we were outside.

    5. My daughter could spend ALL DAY in her Jumper- that being said, she is of course supervised while in it and we sit right next to her. We checked our door frames for stability & while it’s a jumper … she mostly twirls around & gets a running start and swings back and forth. She thinks this is the greatest thing in the world. She’s just READY TO GO. The exersaucer only keeps her entertained for a very short period…

    6. I don’t always use the pacifier clip but think it is helpful when you’re in public or carrying the baby around since she always smiles and it falls out!

    7. Which brings me to the pacifier wipes- I have them & love them. Why would I want to wipe the pacifier with the same thing I use to clean her bottom – that can’t taste good! They are just tasteless as opposed to the wipes which due have a bit of fragrance.

    8. Didn’t Use – have a girl … but could they invent something for little girls. Gosh, I’ve been peed on a ridiculously crazy amount!

    9. I know walkers are EXTREMELY controversial, however it sounds like the bulk of the dangers come from unsupervised children. I don’t own one, but my mother in law insisted on buying one for when we’re over there. She’s got all hardwood floors so Sophia will be able to zoom around, but only stairs up {the basement stairs have a door to them} and she’ll be supervised the whole time {so she doesn’t bump into anything} so I feel okay with her using this. As long as the time spent in it is minimal so she still learns & develops naturally.

    10. Wipes Warmers ARE THE BEST. In the middle of the night, those cold wipes would make her cry … but the wipes warmers were so warm and toasty on her little bottom when it was time for that middle of the night DC. I Love them and have recommended them to several friends!

  46. Rachel A says:

    I used my itzbeen all the time for the first few months. As a new mom on little to no sleep, it was a lifesaver! especially in those early morning hours. We also use the paci clips all the time. My son doesn’t keep the pacifier in 100% of the time and when I am walking around it would bounce off the floor without the clip. They are made shorter to be safe for babies and I never put him to sleep with it on anyway. The peepee teepees have been useful. You must’ve had some good boys. Even with quick changes I’ve gotten hit a bunch of times. The teepee has saved me a lot.

  47. Kristine says:

    To each her own but I loved our bunting bag and soother string-thingy! We live in Canada where winter is just as windy as it is cold and I loved that the bunting bag couldn’t be blown off. No matter what I do blankets never pass the wind test. And the soother string kept me from forgetting where that dang nuki was all the time, and once little man got older it became a great teether and banging toy!

  48. Lindsay says:

    I agree with many items on your list, but I’ve got to say that car seat bunting bag is an absolute necessity when you live in the wildly windy great plains of south dakota! A blanket doesn’t have a chance before it’s whisked away by the frigid blowing snow and wind!!! Also, we love our pacifier clips! They keep them clean and off the floor. I admit to always keeping a package if pacifier wipes in my bag, too! I like that they sanitize.

  49. Autumn says:

    Totally agree about the crib bedding. You can’t use the bumper or the blanket, and who knows what the quality of the sheet is, so you’re essentially paying $150 for a crib skirt! I put together my own set, too, and it looks cuter and more unique than anything I saw in the stores. I got a breathable bumper so that my daughter’s little arms and legs would be protected without the SIDS risk of the regular bumper. As far as the other items on the list, I like our pacifier clip. Trying to rinse one that’s been on the floor with one hand while you have a crying baby in the other is no fun. I keep pacifier wipes in our diaper bag just in case she rubs hers against a park bench or something while we were out. Worth the $1.99 just to have, in my opinion.

  50. Apryl says:

    I was a nanny for ten years and with each new baby watched the mothers buy all these and more items that would get used once or twice and then collect dust.
    Luckily this kept me from wasting my money or letting my loved ones buy any of them. I did get a car seat bunting free on craigslist that I used for a couple weeks during some crazy snow storms and rain we had when he was a newborn. I’d never spend the $50 bucks that the original owner payed for it though. We’ll pass it on to someone else when winter comes again because it was handy

  51. Larraine says:

    Love that the comments on here are friendly – no one attacking anyone for having a different opinion – congrats to all the folks on here for being so very cool!!

    With the carseat bunting – take care and do your research – I say this only because in some places they are illegal. (The ones that have a back and front. The elasticized ones that snap over the carseat are fine.)

    I hope everyone is enjoying their little ones and loving parenthood!

  52. michelle says:

    i am about half and half when it comes to agreeing or disagreeing. I use bedding and yes i spent loads on it but i love it. we bought a wipe warmer this time around because my baby screamed at every nappy change for a month. i bought it second hand off ebay and think its one of the cleverest inventions ever! we used a door bouncer and had no problems…obviously make sure its secure and dont leave your child unattended. same with the walker although my first child is a little person so his feet never hit the floor:) paci string…brilliant invention as well¬! i cant say how many times i had to go buy new ones due to them being dropped and me not noticing until it was too late. finally , i love wee baby shoes. they are pointless but ever so cute and i think they do keep their socks clean once they move about. use the ones recommended ie soft soles and leather and see how cute they look!
    the other bits do seem a bit silly but i am sure there are people who use them and love them. i guess common sense is required with all things as anything could be dangerous but adult supervision would most likely prevent that!

  53. Tonda says:

    My baby was born in November and we had a car seat cover that goes over top of the car and has elastic around the edges so it stretches–and it zipped on the top so it could be opened and pulled back away from her once we were in the vehicle–I loved it and it kept her very warm. I also love, love,love our wipes warmer–it does help lots with changing a sleeping baby. It seems to me that pacifier wipes and diaper wipes are the same thing so I agree those would seem pretty useless–the diaper wipes mustn’t taste that bad my 8 month old would chew on them if I’d let her. The pacifier clip is also very useful for grocery shopping or eating out–no bouncing under shelves and tables and falling on dirty floors. =)

  54. Rosemary says:

    My baby used the jumperoo,and her legs are fine and quite strong. She started walking on her first birthday,and @13 months she’s already walking fast around the house. @Vanessa, there is no need for daycare. The fact is babies need variety. The wipe warmer worked when the weather gets cold in the NE.

  55. Erica says:

    I disagree with everything except that timer which I have never seen….aside from that I have and use and love all of these things except the paci clip since my son did not take to the paci anyways.

  56. Julie says:

    I didn’t invest inthe wipe warmer because I was told that it dried out the wipes. Is there any truth in this rumor? Also my twin are living proof that pacifier wipes and clips are well worth the money!

  57. Jen says:

    Like another mom said unless it is the shower cap style, CAR SEAT BUNTING IS VERY VERY VERY DANGEROUS!!!!!!!! They place too much bulk in the seat, and even if you tighten the seat properly that bulk will compress in an accident leaving too much slack in the harness. Too much slack can cause a child to be ejected from the car seat. Which is why you should dress your children in bulky winter clothes either. Another reason it is dangerous is that young babies have a hard time maintaing body temperature, and while the bunting may keep them warm for the walk indoors to the car, once they are in a warm environment they can actually overheat. The use of car seat bunting is actually prohibted by EVERY car seat manufacturer. There are currently NO FEDERAL REGULATIONS for aftermarket car seat products, meaning even if the company claims the product is crash tested, it is meaningless as they have no standard to test it too. They can literally throw it against a wall and call it crash tested. ~Child Passenger Safety Technician Instructor

  58. Chrissy says:

    Ha! I used the Paci Clip, Paci wipes, Jumparoo and Walker. The Paci clip was so helpful to me. When we were out and about, it saved me from blowing out my back! HAHA

    The Jumparoo was okay for us, we had it on the door jam and we always supervised him (DUH!!) but he never really liked it anyways.

    The walker was a lifesaver when my son ALWAYS wanted to be held but I had to get dinner made. It helped him move around. He took his first steps at 9.5 months so the issue of them not walking because of a walker is BS to me. I mean, if you have them in there all day I can see that it can mess them up but not otherwise! Keep in mind, we live in a one story ranch so we didn’t have the worries of the walker going down stairs.

  59. Chrissy says:

    Oh and, I had a breastfeeding log on my phone so I didn’t forget what side I last fed on. It helped me a lot! I would assume that the timer thing is similar.

  60. christine brown says:

    love paci clip. like someone said keeps baby and dog hair off it

  61. Really says:

    What does it matter if these are useless or not? Maybe to you they were but most likely you scored them all for free. So who cares? And YES wipes are cold. ESPECIALLY if the baby is born in the winter.

  62. Candace says:

    Haha, we have and LOVE four of the 10 mentioned. :) The one that we SWORE we’d never need was the wipes warmer. But our 2nd child was EXTREMELY fussy and sensitive and hated diaper changes and the wipes warmer made a WORLD of difference for HIM!! Our first and third couldn’t care less about cold wipes but it was worth it for our 2nd!!

  63. Demetra Georgakopoulos says:

    the baby care timer is amazing..i disagree with above..i forget which boob i breastfed with last..its a lifesaver

  64. Sarah says:

    Does anyone else find it ironic that this story ends with links to sites where you can buy these products? LOL!

  65. chey says:

    I disagree about the baby shoes…ok so they don’t really serve any purpose but my daughter’s outfits never seemed complete til i started buying her little shoes, and you can get them at Ross for like $3 a pair so it doesn’t hurt the wallet!

  66. Callie says:

    I totally agree with almost everything you said! I’m sure you left some things out, but I would never be able to mention them here. The bouncy seat has always been a source of worry to me because once the baby is sitting up you are not supposed to use them anymore.Ha try telling moms who don’t want to chase there little ones around that. I have seen head injuries from them! So much junk for one little baby. Drives me nuts! Glad to see someone agrees. The walker thing, I can see having one if there are no stairs and if you don’t mind your toes getting run over.

  67. Genay says:

    i got a walker and it works just fine and its not dangerous nor did it cost hundreds of dollars. the pacifier clip is also a good thing too have and its safe as well. and i dont have too keep picking up the paci when my baby drops it. its great

  68. jaina says:

    Baby shoes are more for the cuteness than the usefulness. I insisted that I put shoes on my little man as a baby, but now that I’m baby number 2 my little girl never wears them (even to church). The sad part is she was given a ton of baby shoes, but she screams bloody murder and curls up her toes if we try and put them on her. I serously don’t what we’ll do with her in the winter. I loved my car seat blankie. It was nice that it always stayed in the carseat and could zip it up so we didn’t have to dress our lttle girl in a ton of layers as a newborn.

  69. Charity says:

    Agree on:
    - Bedding sets (completely overpriced. All you really need in the beginning, if you are actually even using the crib at all, is a crib sheet.),
    - Pee pee tee pees (they don’t stay on and aren’t big enough to actually catch much),
    - Baby shoes (until they actually start walking, at which time soft-soled such as Momo or Robeez are a must),
    - Paci wipes (regular wipes can be used for anything and everything),
    - Walker (if used properly and always under supervision they are not dangerous, but DS went from crawling to walking so quickly he only used his for a few weeks. Luckily it was a loaner from a friend. Also, they are bulky and need quite a bit of maneuvering space. DS would get very frustrated when he would cruise down the hall only to run smack into the end and be unable to turn around.)
    - Baby care timer (no input on this one; I agree on the completely useless 100%!)

    Disagree on:
    - Wipe warmer (when DS was a newborn he HATED diaper changes and screamed through most of them. Before he was born I pooh-poohed the wipe warmer thinking it was frivolous but we quickly realized that the warm wipes made for a calmer diapering experience. Once DS was a few months old we discontinued the use of the warmer but it was essential for the first 2-3 months, in our case.),
    - Car seat bunting (we live in Alaska and DS was born in October. Enough said. Again, in our case, this was essential. Also, one of its conveniences is that you can dress the baby ‘normally’, pop them into the bunting, and off you go, and upon reaching your destination you don’t have layers to peel off of them, you just pull them out of their cozy cocoon.),
    - Paci clip (far from being useless, this is essential for us. We don’t use them at home in DS’s clean, familiar environment, but when we take him out it’s a must to keep the paci from falling or being thrown on the floor, the parking lot, the ground, etc.),
    - Jumparoo (DS was a jumping fanatic from the time he was 4-5 months old. We bought him a johnny jumper and DH removed the door frame clamp thing from the top, attached a carabiner clip instead, and installed an eye bolt into a ceiling beam into which we can clip and unclip the jumper. DS still jumps to his heart’s content even now at ten months.)

  70. wendi says:

    THe shoes. You have to get shoes especially if they are a girl!! oh my gosh my mom got my daughter like 10 times the shoes that i have. she literally mustve had like 15 pairs of shoes then went up to 6 months. THose are just too cute. Everyone is a sucker for baby shoes. THE walker oh my gosh!! that is so stupid. if you dont watch or kid then okay expect an accident but that doesnt mean i shouldnt get a walker just because some people cant watch their stinking kids. like if they are around stairs or something. my daughter is the most precious thing so i only allow he to walk up a few steps before i get her. THe wipe warmers seem dumb but if they work for some people then more power to them.

  71. wendi says:

    My daughter loved her walker . she started walking at 7 1/2 months so it definitly didnt slow her down from walking .

  72. wendi says:

    ONe last thing because my daughter is so active she climbed out of her walker at 7 mths old! and hit her head. she was okay. she was always active but my husband didnt believe me that i was thinking that she could get out. It was pretty scary. so we had to retire it. Even after she did i watched her and sure enough it only took her a few. seconds to climb out. SHE is always been a climber. Just a heads of to people who have a walker whose kids are real climbers like my daughter which she got from her daddy. SHe loves to still scare me even at 13 months old. She even climbs on her toy stroller and coffee tables. She walks so well she started runing at 12 months and her legs wouldn’t keep up and she would fall sometimes.

  73. wendi says:

    Yes i totally agree Cassie!! THe bracelets are nothing but a big tease!! i see some cute sterling silver ones or ones that are girly and have pink and purple beads. my gosh!! i know what my daughter will do with those .That is why i couldnt wear necklaces for a long time. what baby doesnt put things in their mouth? stupid! WHo is making these?

  74. wendi says:

    that is crazy Rose!! it must be hard to be in such harsh weather. and i complain that is so hot in tx, my goodness.. im surprised you don’t get frost bit just by walking to your car!! im glad the wipe warmer worked for you. Some babies don’t mind a cold wipe and some do.

  75. mamma says:

    the pacifier clip is the bomb! with out it, id be lost.. i think once your baby hits a certain age its the best thing going!

  76. Pocket Protector says:

    Weird list. In very cold, windy places a bunting is really helpful because blankets blow away.

    How is the jumparoo a death trap? My daughter’s physical therapist recommended it because it can be great to build leg/foot muscles. Have you actually used one? There’s no way ours was falling down on its own.

  77. VenusGurl28 says:

    I love te pacifier clip (dog hair), the walker to keep busy while I cook, and the car seat bundle (February baby). We don’t have the jumperoo but thought and heard kids love it. Planning to buy one soon. Other stuff: not needed!

  78. Tammy M. says:

    I don’t agree with several items on the list.

    The binky clip is definitely a lifesaver! So many times she has spit her binky out and without the clip, it would have landed on the floor.

    We live in a cold, wet, windy part of the country and the baby bunting is fantastic! Blankets just blow off.

    We still use the wipes warmer (she’s 9mos old).

    As far as the other items are concerned, I laughed when I saw the peepee teepee…how ridiculous is that? Just put a cloth diaper over it or something.
    Johnny jumpup….the one described is dangerous. I can’t believe it’s still sold. There are MUCH safer options out there…the stationary jumpers do the same thing, but the kid can’t swing through the doorway or jump side to side.
    Walker…we have a “carousel” walker (it goes in circles around a play table). My daughter LOVES it!!!
    Shoes…well, I think they’re cute….IF you can keep them on the child’s feet. We bought one pair…for the holiday pictures.
    The ItzBeen baby timer. I’m half tempted to get it….for my husband. He forgets everything….and I’m not joking. He has short term memory issues and ADHD.

    But, it’s your money…buy what you want. What’s useless to me may be a lifesaver to you.

  79. Mark says:

    I’ll agree that most of these items are useless, but I’ve got to take issue with the wipes warmer. I’m in the Army. We treasure baby wipes when we are in the field or deployed. Try wiping your private parts with a baby wipe in korea in February and you’ll get an idea of the value of the wipes warmer.

  80. Barb says:

    i have used most of those items in the past, the item that reminds you to care for your child is for lazy mothers, tho i see how it could help with medicine. the pacifier wipes may have less harmful ingredients then normal bottom wipes. i have never useed the peepee tee pees, i have 4 boys and i am sure i’ve only been squirted by each one once, after that … first thing i grabbed was a little wash cloth to cover the area and keep it from getting so cold. i have a friend that uses the warmer … for flushable wipes that she as an adult uses herself. the jumper in the doorway i used for my second son, the other three never really used it but he LOVED it.

  81. Kris says:

    Well I have a wipes warmer because we cloth diaper and use cloth wipes and it is so much nicer to have the wipes wet and ready at his changing table, no need to wait for warm water from the tap…and tap water in the winter is way colder than a room termperature wipe!! We love our shoes to keep DS socks on in the winter and probably helps keep his little feet warm!

  82. Linda Bevier-Vian says:

    I wish I had a wipe warmer now for my grandson. It is below 60 often in here. He hates when I have to use the cold wipes.

  83. Courtney says:

    Honestly had 7/10 of these. didnt have the peepee thingy cuz i have a girl, the wipe warmer or the timer thingy. but honestly i used all the other stuff.. the one i actually agree with is the bedding set. all you really use is sheets and blankets. i can really say i’ve used everything else!

  84. Kira says:

    Some of these items are useless, but I think the walker isn’t useless. If you actually watch your child instead of putting them in there and walking away, then your child should be fine. The only way they get hurt in these things (and take it from me because it actually happened to me) is to go down some stairs in it. but if you have a fence for the stairs or skip the fence and watch your darn child then there isn’t anything wrong with this product. And as long as you install the jumperoo right then there isn’t anything wrong with that either. I’ve used both products on my child and he is just fine. but then i also actually watch him instead of walking away and ignore him.

  85. meagan noranbrock says:

    I do not agree with number six. I think the pacifier clip is not only useful, but hygenic, and prevents the loss of one while, say you are shopping or out in a public place. Babies can’t be strangled by them, considering the strap is not even long enough to wrap around a neck. Get real lady, and don’t put nasty pacifiers in your babies mouths!!!!

  86. Rebecca says:

    The wipes can get cold… but… I only had one because it was a shower gift for my second child. I had to turn the stack over every time I changed my daughter, so the warmer wouldn’t cook them. I mean it. The water would evaporate and the wipes on the bottom would get crispy. I stopped using it, with my third child. It was a waste. The car lighter bottle warmer, was a god send, however.

  87. Rebecca says:

    we also used the heck out of the car seat bunting. Of course… I didn’t buy that either… it was a gift with my first.

  88. becky says:

    I agree with everything BUT THE BUNDLE. We don’t have a car, so we go everywhere with a stroller,and I LOVED the bundle! I tried just a blanket at first but it would fall off (in the street YUK) or she would manage to get partially out of it and exposed to the cold. SO I found the Bundle to be wonderful, I am sad that she no longer fits in it.

  89. Elizabeth says:

    I highly disagree with almost all of these selections. Most of them I have used with the raising of my 2 year old, and we loved them!

  90. Angie says:

    I agree with everything listed here. However, I would like to comment on what was said about the walkers. You stated to invest in a stationary exersaucer…. Well, after my first child who is now 10 years old, I did research and also spoke with MANY doctors about walkers and exersaucers. I was informed that there are many children who have serious leg problems due to over use of walkers and exersaucers. Some parents have been leaving their children in these contraptions for hours at a time causing very poor leg circulation and some have had issues with the way their legs formed; i.e.-bowlegged. So, when I found out I was pregnant with my 2 year olds, I refused to buy either for them. I was given an exersaucer as a gift and the only time any of them was in it, was to take a picture. I also did not buy swings. My cousin had a baby and would let her daughter sleep in the swing. Her daughters now has serious issues with her circulation. I wouldn’t recommend to parents to buy any of these things, not saying that ALL parents are going to leave their child(ren) in any of the aforementioned for any extended period of time, but as a precaution because you never know what goes on when you aren’t around.

  91. Shelly says:

    We actually used the Itzbeen a lot during the first 2 months. My brain was so fried and it’s just a simple timer. It helped a lot with breast-feeding. The carseat bunting was useful when we used the carseat as a stroller. It stayed on better than a blanket. In the city we walk everywhere and it was nice to have a cosy bunting. (We never used it in the car though – too dangerous. Then a blanket would do.)

  92. Evette says:

    I have 20 month old twins that were born 7 weeks early. Because of their prematurity they were very sensitive to changes in temperature. The first week they were home, I did not use the wipes warmer a friend gave me for a shower gift. Every time I changed their diapers I knew it would wake them and they would scream at the top of their little lungs. Finally, I got around to unpacking and plugging in the wipes warmer. No more screams and I could change their diapers without disrupting their sleep. Yeah, say what you want, but the Prince Lionheart wipes warmer with the special insert – it retains the water so your wipes do not get crispy – was a God send.

  93. Angie says:

    Most of these items are pretty great. Not THAT ridiculous. I can appreciate a pacifier wipe for when the pacifier falls on the floor and there’s no where to wash it off. There are probably only 2 things here that are a total waste of money. I could replace most of these items on the list with actual unnecessary junk. This web site sometimes has some strange points of view….

  94. Taryn says:

    I agree with most everything. I don’t think the paci clip is useless but my kids are all thumb suckers so those never lasted long with me anyway. Although I wanted a wipes warmer, my husband said “I didn’t have one, and I turned out just fine” so we didn’t even register for it. LOL

    As for the walkers/exersaucers, pediatrician said that it could actually hinder them in learning to walk because while in that, they aren’t learning the gravity concept as much. I never had the space for one anyway though.

    I have always LOL at Pee Pee Tee Pee. If anything, it would be something else the boy can grab quickly to try and shove in their mouth while you’re diapering them. Ack!!

  95. Lorie says:

    Wow. Half of this list I wouldn’t be able to live without. Not the boy related things, as I have only girls, but my girls LOVED the jumperoo – it builds muscle for them, and is VERY compact and easy to clean. Those huge jumpers that are freestanding are a waste of space. Both daughters used the jumperoo as a jumper, a swing, a place to push babies. It wasn’t unsafe in the least. As usual, it’s only unsafe if you are not watching your children when they are in an activity. The walker was also very fabulous, and both kids loved it to the point of reaching the maximum weight for it!!. It didn’t teach them to walk (that is not their intention) it helped get them into other rooms without always wearing down their knees from crawling everywhere, plus they fold (unlike the huge exersaucers!) and you can bring them to relatives homes easily, and even use it for a eating area if necessary when travelling. They were deemed ‘unsafe’ by parents that don’t actually WATCH their child(ren) in the walker. My walker is the most traded item in my mommies group. I also have the wipe warmer, and it’s much better on their skin if they have diaper rash, or a messy-up-the-back-poop, as the cold cloths make the baby extra squirmy. Also, although my kids didn’t use a pacifier, half of my mommy’s group uses them, and the purpose is to keep the pacifier attached to the child. Makes sense to me. As for the baby shoes, we loved them for when we were playing dress-up with the girls. My eldest would help dress her sister and loved putting the pretty shoes on, even though they were only for decoration. (And they look ADORABLE in family photos!)
    Also, the baby bunting is not really for people that are in a car prominently, but if you have to travel on transit with kids, having that bunting is awesome. It doesn’t get lost like a blanket, or caught under the wheels of the stroller in malls etc.
    We co-slept, so we only had to buy sheets for the toddler bed crib-conversion. Those baby sets are ridiculous.
    And the gadget that reminds you of things with your child, as some merit if you have twins, and they are not on the same schedule.
    I’m not sure this list is the ‘top 10 worst baby products’ – I can think of PLENTY of worse products…

  96. commentditon says:

    The itzbeen was a lifesaver for us between sleep deprivation, and keeping track of medication, tracking my pumping, and bottlefeeding our son who wasn’t flourishing, etc. The paci clips are a must-have if you’re out and about with a paci or have a dog/ cat that spends times indoors.

  97. mamaof6boys says:

    After having 5 winter babies & another baby on the way this winter….I LOVE MY CAR SEAT BUNTING. In South Dakota winds – blankets DO NOT suffice as this blog is stating!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know what I did without it for the first 2 babies!!!! This was most definitely my one & only MUST HAVE!!!!!!

  98. Mariana says:

    I agree on most of the items but I think you missed baby rope… I never used mine and actually I was so scared of getting her out of the bath tub that I used a normal baby towel… I returned the rope to the store and got diapers…

  99. Denae says:

    All my kids (3) have used the Jumperoo and walked at ages, 9 months, 14 months and 10 months. It totally depends on the parent on the products usefulness. I have used most of these products and some were useful ( walker, baby bunting, paci wipes). Some were not as useful ( baby crib bumper).

  100. Alicia says:

    I’m not going to lie, I just bought a wipe warmer for my second baby who will be born this winter. Maybe they aren’t THAT cold but how would you like to be brought into this cold new world after sleeping in a comfy mommy belly for nine months only to have your butt wiped by a cold, wet wipe? Repeatedly. Every day. In the middle of winter…Hahaha. Add to that the fact that babies are much more sensitive to temperature than we are.

  101. zchamu says:

    Gosh, the “anything I didn’t use must be utterly and 100% useless to EVERYONE!” tone is getting old. I used at least half the things on this list and found them extremely useful. The carseat bunting is invaluable, for example, for one simple reason: blankets blow off.

  102. Tricia B says:

    I love my car seat bunting. It’s so much easier than using a blanket and eliminates using a cumbersome coat on an infant.

  103. Stephanie Diaz says:

    For the most part I disagree with some of the items on the list: the shoes, pacifer holder, walker, wipe warmer, and crib set. I NEVER had any problems and even was able to use some of the items again for my youngest 2 kids. I have always put shoes on my kids and never had the least amount of trouble later when some parents that I know couldnt keep shoes on their kids feet or socks for that matter bc they never felt the need to put socks and shoes on their feet. The crib sets, while yes some are expensive and usually over priced, I always found my on sale and spent no more than $50-$60 for the whole set including matching blankets. I used a warmer for all my children when they were still small infants. I stopped after they turned 6 months bc they hated to be cold and yes wipies are that cold.. The pacifer holders are a life saver and you always take them off when placing them into bed.. Parents are going to do what they want anyways but dont knock what some may use for their babies bc you didnt want to use them with yours…

  104. Amelia says:

    I have had the same thought walking through BabiesRus, however, I disagree with all of the items on your list. There are hundreds of items I would have considered useless in place of the 10 items you chose. The Itzbeen timer is helpful for breastfed babies, especially during the first few weeks when baby does nothing but sleep.I agree though that after the baby gets into his pattern, it will become useless, but thats when you give it to another new mom. Even thought I never used one I wish I had one! lol The baby bunting is something I need now! I have a 2 month old and though the weather has been pretty mild so far, I would love to have one! A blanket cant really do what that product can. Blankets tend to drag on the ground if your not careful. Also air gets under it defeating the purpose, and sometimes blows completly off when the wind is high. The wipes warmer is something I got as a shower gift that Itook right back to the store. Iwish I had kept it thought, because everytime I put a cold wipe on my babys bottom, he gasps, I feel so bad! Even though a wipes warmer is not a “must have”, Im sure most babies would appreciate it, especially in a cold climate. About the PP TP’S, I wouldnt buy them, however I would not call them useless. They defnantly have a use. I am the mother of 2 boys and I have been peed on way more times than I can count lol. Its not always about how long you take to change the diaper, I think its something about the cold air hitting that reigon that makes them wanna go. My 2 month old used to get me nearly every diaper changing. One more thing, The pacifier clip. I was really surprised about that one, in my opinion, that is a MUST have, especially when you are out and about. Unless of course you have a pack of Pacifier wipes to clean it every time its dropped!

  105. Megan says:

    I think a lot of these are based on individual opinion only. The car seat bunting was a God send for us as well as the pacifier clip and wipes warmer. We got my daughter a passy clip that is gorgeous. It has pink ribbon and on the clip it was a little area where we had her name engraved. Not only was it something useful but a keepsake as well. Our son when he was itty bitty would completely stretch his little legs out and lock them up and scream bloody murder if we even came close to him with a cold diaper wipe making changing time extremely difficult. Someone gave us a wipe warmer and it was wonderful! We didn’t have to fight him during diaper changes anymore, and that is tough to deal with when you are changing a very poopy diaper!! We had the exact same walker as pictured, and it too was wonderful. We all have our opinions, and are all entitled to them. I’m not going to get tore-up over a blog and will still buy what I want to for my kiddo’s anyways… that’s our prerogative as Mommies! :o D

  106. Lynda says:

    I don’t use a wipes warmer, although I see no problem with them, and yes sometimes wipes ARE that cold. I also used a walker. My baby loved it for a while cause it made her feel like a big girl. The binky clip, use that too, no more searching for binkies for a screaming baby. As long as you actually use these things and of course, supervise when they are in use you should be allowed to use them without being judged for it.

  107. Rachel C. says:

    I used the pacifier clip, pacifier wipes, and wipes warmer. My daughter is breastfed so doesn’t really like paccis so we attach the clips to her favorite teethers to keep them off store floors and to make sure they stay within her reach. The pacifier wipes are also good for wiping off toys and travel utensils, they’re made out of products that are safe to be in baby’s mouth, get the job done, and won’t leave behind a taste or order. I love my wipes warmer, my daughter freaks out if i try to clean her up with cold wipes, I don’t blame her, I wouldn’t want a cold wipe on my butt either. :-P As for the rest of the stuff, it seems useless or dangerous.

  108. Debi Flessert says:

    My children are now ages 18-30. I have a year old granddaughter. Thanks for brightening my day with the peepeeteepee’s! I had to go to Amazon and look those up……ROFLOL!!!

  109. Nicole says:

    We bought TONS of those cloth diapers that are just a big rectangle of gauzy fabric: For changing our two boys and our little girl, we just grabbed one and set it on top of them. No more pee in my hair or all over the place at diaper changes! They worked as burp cloths too, or as an emergency light weight blanket if a building was a little too A/C’ed when we were out and about. (We lived in Tucson, AZ.) Now that the kids are older, I use them as cleaning rags all over the house, and my daughter sometimes swaddles her dolls in them. I love multi-tasking items like that. :)

  110. Virginia T. says:

    I love the carseat bunting and we have recently purchased the toddler size. What makes it better than a blanket is that it cannot be kicked off or fall off, it surrounds baby entirely and doesn’t have to be bunched up uncomfortably and tucked in to baby’s side. Also, what one commenter said about none of them being safe or crash tested is totally false! The brand shown in the picture (the brand we use) “JJ Cole bundle me” IS crash tested and as far as I know is the only one approved for safe use in carseats. We highly recommend this to anyone who will listen. Also it works great in the stroller too and again, it has slots for the straps to go through so baby can be warm and comfy front and back while still being buckled in safely, a blanket cannot do that.

  111. Stella says:

    We have a similar thing here in Australia like the jumparoo called a Jolly Jumper, and by looking at the one pictured, ours is 100% better and safe. It has a large, thick Velcro strap that goes around the middle, over the strap that comes up between the legs which folds over and ties down. The chain link it’s attached to is durable and the clamp at the top is very strong. My children have loved being in them, and it’s unbelievable how much they can do in it. As for the walkers, the square design now has replaced the walkers that had caused the accidents. The original walkers were round, with no lock wheels, so children were unsafe in them. The new ones now only has two rotating wheels at the front, and two fixed wheels at the back, so doing a 360 in one is hard.

  112. Katie says:

    I agree on ALL of these!!!

  113. Lisa says:

    My little one loves her Jenny Jump up. My mother tells me I loved mine when I was a baby also.

  114. suzanne says:

    Normaly, I agree with these lists, but I found that I use multiple items listed above. I live in Grand Forks, ND, and I have to tell you that a car seat cover is crucial for a winter baby in frigid climates. But yes, get the one that has elastic and snaps over the seat. And really, what is the difference on spending $20 on a blanket or on a car seat cover? I also totally dig the paci clip because my daughter, who just turned one, now thinks it’s hilarious to launch her paci to the ground and scream, “Uh-Oh!” This is also why I like the paci wipes. I haven’t done alot of research on them, so it’s possible that they are just the same as regular whipes, but I just feel like the less chemicals the better (I use the arm and hammer brand). Walkers are fun, but we do not personally have one. My grandparents bought one for my baby, but they live in a one-story house. I have stairs, so I refuse to get one. Someone made the comment that if you let your baby get hurt in a walker, you shouldn’t be a parent. I say that person is ignorant. It doesn’t matter how careful you are, accidents happen. My brother went down the stairs in the walker, and my mother is an excellent parent. I do agree with whoever said that they don’t feel the baby should go to church without shoes. I do the same thing!!

  115. Linda says:

    I used a lot these items, some I loved!

    1. My son lived in his doorway jumparoo. He would want to spend hours a day in there and some of the feats he could do it in were amazing. We took it on vacation and to grandmas. I gave this to a neighbor with a 18 month old after my son outgrew it and she cried becuase it was the first time she got to take a shower during the day when her husband was at work.

    2. The ItzBeen I had and have given as gifts to people. We were so sleep deprived and trying to coordinate who fed when, when I pumped milk last, when we gave that medicine, that without this item, my husband and I would have lost track. Especially for medicine, it is important. Also, it teaches you your kids rhythm as you can what points in the day they want or need things.

    3. What’s wrong with the paci hook/leash again? Have you ever taken a child for a walk in the woods, been 2 miles from the car with them in the carrier on your back and drop the binky. Covered in leaves, dirt and god knows what, rinsing it won’t do it and hand sanitizer you don’t want to go back in their mouth. With the leash on it, we would tie it to the frame and if he didnt want it any more, he could just let go.

    4. Totally agree with another parent with the wipes warmer. You could change them without waking them up. My son was born in November, premie and so those middle of the night December, January diaper changes our house was 70 degrees. that’s almost a 30 degree difference against his skin. Why would I do that to him? I did learn as he got older to just hold the wipes in my hand for a few minutes before I used them. But even my gynocologist uses these for her wipes and gels, to make you more comfortable.

    5. We had the elastic cover style bunting thing for the car seat carrier and loved it. He was safer than putting himin a coat and blankets just fall off, don’t keep the wind out like the whole thing going over the carrier. It had a litlte hole for his head. It was great!

    So, you are 5/10 in my book. There are much more frivolous things in the BabiesRUs store than these items. We really used and recommended half of these and know other parents that do, too. What’s really useless is the money wasted on the expensive clothing they outgrow in a week or two or the $500 stroller that you hardly ever use. Nothing on this list is over $50 and most are under $10 so I don’t really see the harm. Consider next time those toy steamers to sanitize the toys (we use the bathtub and a mix of bleach and vinegar) and the expensive electric breast pumps with all the crazy attachments and bottling systems, as I found my hand held manual breast pump to work MUCH better than any of the eletric ones we rented or bought.

  116. tina says:

    ok. so some of the thing on ur list made me smile. being a new first time mom to a now 8 month old son, there were lots of (useless) things i wanted . the timer i agree is uuseless but sometimes as far as poopy diapers are concerned my son doesnt cry until its halfway up his back, or in the case of what i was thinking about when i read ur article is this: he was freshly fed, changed and jumping away in his excersaucer when after about 45mins his daddy walks by and goes honey whats that brown “shit” all over the baby’s feet. well thats exactly what it was.. . shit. lol he aparantly pooped and there was so much the diaper didnt catch it and it dripped down his leg and he sat there jumping in it for god knows how long all the while with a ‘shit eating grin” on his face.

    2. we still have a jolly jumper…the one that goes on the door frame, and except for one wipeout that was entirely my fault my son lives in his too. one time at my moms he jumped barefoot in it until someone realized that he had a huge blister on his big toe that had popped and was oozing on the floor. if you thing the excersaucer is stationary then you clearly have never seen my son jump that thing 6 – 7 feet across the living room to get closer to on of our cats. apparently as he jumps, he humps forward thereby pushing the saucer forward a couple of inches at a time.

    3. the baby raz pacifier clip is a good one. it lasts about 4 months of daily rough use. its good for us cuz otherwise the cats would steal all of his suckies instead of most of them

    4. i had a package of those pee pee teepees. they work until the baby is like two months and then they squirm too much, mine just starts to giggle right before he pees.

    5. it doesnt matter so much now but when my son was born till aabout 5 months he HATED the cold.

    6. even though they dont sell them in ontario. i wish i had a baby walker. i live in an apartment with no stairs in sight. would rather have this then the saucer

  117. Geneva says:

    My 1st son loved his wlaker. My 2nd son loved it for a couple weeks and then as he started getting mobile with rolling and then crawling he hated being put in the walker. (No stairs, so no dangers) The paci wipes are okay. I use scented wipes for my baby’s butt and I think these paci wipes are a better alternative if you can’t immediately get to a sink to rinse it. The paci clip was pointless for me because my kids would always grab the ribbon and tug hard so it would come unclipped and then toss it! I have some tough boys! LOL. I like the infant shoes for when we are out just because they complete the outfit, but at home my kids are barefoot.

  118. Jamie @ Laughter Ever says:

    I completely disagree with the timer and pacifier clips being added to the list. I did not use the timer with my son, but had I known about it, I would have! My breast milk wouldn’t (and never did) come in, so I was told to nurse my son every three hours until it did. Most of the time, he slept through those feeding times, so having a timer would have been extremely helpful.
    We used the pacifier clips until my son was about six months old because he was constantly spitting them out when we were out and about, causing us to have to use a new pacifier (if we had one) or run to the bathroom to wash it. I never found it to be hazardous.
    That’s just my two cents!

  119. Jessica says:

    I completely disagree with7-8 of these. The timer I agree, the shoes, tee pee, the walker ( that never moves any where especially carpet!) I agree. The jumper was my life saver. I didn’t have a swing so when my daughter was little we bundled her up with blankets and packed her in there and swung her until she fell asleep. I don’t trust the door jams so I have mine screwed into the wall. She still loves it and is 15 months old! The pacifier clips are awesome! How could you not want one of those? How many times have I been at the playground/park/county fair/store.. The list goes on and she threw her paci! Oh, I’d say about a MILLION! You’re crazy not to have one. The pacifier wipes are good too. Have you ever wiped your mouth a baby wipe? Let alone something you suck on? It tastes like crap! Those don’t. (Yes I’ve tried them!) My most favorite thing of all time was my car seat cover. I have a winter baby so when we brought her home in the snow, I could just zip her up and she was nice and warm. Blankets fall off, aren’t thick enough etc. this is the worst list yet Babble!

  120. Valley says:

    pacifier clip and wipe warmer, total necessities! everything else is rediculous.
    but… the kind of mother who would buy the timer thing?? the poor kid will probably kill themselves by the time they’re 6!!!

  121. shelby says:

    HA! Im so HAPPY to see I’m not the only one who disagrees with everything on this list! I read the comments before posting my own so really I shouldn’t need to share because everyone else said it for me. You’re knocking a bunch of products YOU don’t like. I was expecting this list to be amusing and something I’d agree with, but its the opposite. Pacifier wipes- AMAZING since we shouldn’t be using regular butt wipes on something that goes in babys mouth. Plus my son is now strong enough to pull the PACIFIER CLIP off his shirt so the wipes are perfect, and tastey too! The jumparoo- YOUR KID MISSED OUT IF HE DIDN’T GET TO TRY ONE! my son loves it, perfect for when I’m gettin ready because he’s in the room with me SAFE and entertained. The carseat cover thing- got one as a present and loved it because like mentioned above: no blankets coming untucked and covers the head when you’re walking into a store when its windy. I never would’ve bought one for myself since we do have so many blankets but I ended up enjoying the one we have and shall save it for my next bebe. The wipe warmer- don’t have but agree that all babies will appreciate this, you’re just lucky to have a babe who must be a good diaper changer. Crib sets- they’re not ALL EXPENSIVE. go to a Red Wagon Sale or Once Upon A Child, got mine for $30 : BUMPERS, blanket, mobile, valance, etc. Bumpers ARE ONLY UNSAFE WHEN THE PARENTS DONT TIE THEM ON CORRECTLY. notice stores still sell them, companies still produce them BECAUSE ONLY A FEW DUMBASS PARENTS RUINED THAT FOR US SMART ONES. The only thing i agree with is the shoes. Until they’re walking, they’re completely pointless. It’s a proven fact by the AAP that shoes will stunt a babies foot growth before theyre waking and theyll learn better coordination without shoes.

    This is a horrible list.

  122. Penny says:

    From all the defending going on here has anyone caught on to the fact that this list may have been created so we throw fits and cry what a godsend these products actually are and therefore enticing other mums to buy in protest? Advertising at it’s best.

  123. mady says:

    My only problem with the carseat bunting is when the mother doesn’t take the cover off when she’s inside a building! Drives me crazy to see these carseats with little babies in them all zipped up! I hate it!!! Peepee cover is just plain stupid. Out of 2 boys I also didn’t get wet more than a few times, and those were just at night when I was too tired lol. My fix for that is just to slide the new diaper under the old one, pull down the old one when you’re ready to wipe and remove old diaper then cover with new one… not that hard ;)

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