My Trouble with Breastfeeding


Recently, my husband and I noticed that Tate seemed to be getting more whiny. After nearly every feeding, he would start fussing and rooting around as if he hadn’t eaten. So we decided to offer him some formula right after a feeding, just to settle him down, and as soon as he had a few ounces, he was as calm as could be. After supplementing him a few times this way, it occurred to us that even after a long feeding, he was actually hungry.

I ended up asking myself the dreaded question no new mother wants to ask: Was I not producing enough milk for my baby?

Now, after almost three weeks at home, Tate is nursing at least every 3 hours and we are having to supplement a bottle of formula at least twice a day.

I am glad we figured out what the problem was, but the fact that I just am not producing enough breast milk started making me feel really guilty. As a mother, one of my main roles is to supply my baby with this life sustaining, immune building food source. And for whatever reason, I am struggling to fulfill that role. And as advanced as formula has gotten, it seems pretty unanimous that doctors agree breast milk is the best food source for your baby.

I have been told by a couple other moms that taking Fenugreek can really step up milk production (I am on my way to Whole Foods to buy some today). I am really hoping that it will help me keep up with his appetite for as long as possible.

Have any of you experienced this? How did you deal with it (both in an emotional and physical sense)? I would love to hear another mother’s perspective.

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