Nap Match 2011. Guess Who Won?

sleeping toddler
The two-hour sleeper

For me, one of the more difficult challenges of having two kids that are close in age is trying to get both down for a nap at the same time. I’m not often faced with this challenge by myself, which could be why it is still so difficult for me. After today, based on this issue, I urge all to reconsider the ‘two-year and under’ spacing of children. At least during the first year, it is mighty tricky in this respect.

I’m sure there are a million and one reasons I’ll be happy about having two so close together in the years go come, and already, my heart melts at the giggle fest that occurs between them on a daily basis. I’m not quite sure what they’re giggling about (sometimes it’s about poop, I think) but boy is it funny!

But back to the boxing ring that was the afternoon nap today. Here’s how it went:

Round 1

Shnook and Fuzz finish lunch and we go into nap wind-down. We go to the potty, then all proceed to Shnook’s room and do a pre-sleep routine. I give Shnook kisses and tell him I’m going to the other room to put Fuzz down for a nap. I go into Fuzz’s (my) room and give him a pre-nap nurse. He’s drifting off when Shnook comes in and ruins the whole thing.

Round 1 results: Shnook= 1, Mommy = 0 Fuzz: Neutral, but still awake.

Round 2

I bring both boys into my bed and attempt some relaxation with Shnook and quiet time/nursing with Fuzz. Bad idea. Both boys want to play with each other and use me as a play structure.

Round 2 Results: Shnook = 1, Fuzz = 1, Mommy= Still 0

Round 3

I put Fuzz in his crib in our room (he cried, then he screamed) while I took Shnook back to his bed and lay down with him until he fell asleep. Fuzz = still screaming. He screamed for 30 minutes. Even Weissbluth and Ferber tell you to give up after 30 minutes. Still, one down, right? One to go. I pick Fuzz up, bring him back to the bed, where he falls asleep on top of me (this is his modus operandi).

baby sleep
the twenty-minute sleeper

Round 3 Results: Mommy: 2, Children: Asleep! FINALLY!

Except…Fuzz woke up when I tried to leave the room. I got him back down but then he woke up again after twenty minutes. BAD NAP DAY FOR FUZZ. The sad part is he probably would’ve stayed asleep if I hadn’t tried to get up (and actually accomplish something).  Shnook slept almost 2 hours. Before anyone gives me any advice about dark rooms vs. light rooms, notice that Fuzz’s room is dark (blackout shades) and Shnook’s just has the blinds drawn and it’s still pretty light in there.

Anyway, after that marathon, I was tired. I’m sure if I had to do this every day, I’d have no issues, right? I mean, how do the daycares get all the kids to nap at once? I know it’s a different environment altogether, but still. As they say, this too shall pass.

How do you juggle naps with two kids under three?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago
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