Nap Time Paradox

I'll nap when I'm dead, Mom.

The only respite stay at home moms get from the go go go of taking care of a baby is nap time. For many of us, it might be the only time of day to clear our minds, scroll through pinterest, take a shower, or finally get some work done. Nap time is a precious gift. Right? Some days, I am just not so sure about that.

There are days where I spend what adds up to hours just trying to coax Tate to sleep. I can devote 20 to 30 minutes before giving up and trying again 40 minutes later. There are days that I am away from my computer so long, the remote connection to my architecture office times out, so that I have to start the log in process all over again. Inevitably, it’s always on a morning like this that he only sleeps for 30 minutes. I end the day feeling like I have run a marathon without accomplishing much and it makes me start to wonder why I bother putting him down at all.

That is, until one of those good days. Where he goes down without so much as a peep and stays down for two hours and wakes up as happy as can be. Those days make the whole process totally worth it.

How do you feel about nap time? Does your little one put up a fight often? I would love to hear any tips if you have them!

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