National Hug Day! Hooray!!

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Natioinal Hug Day, people!

National Hug Day is today. Thanks to the internet, we are all clued in to this wonderful holiday. There should be more than one National Hug Day a year. Oh, and when is International Hug Day? I need to put that on my calendar. Quite frankly, with two little ones, every day is hug day, but National Hug Day is different.

Watching this video by Badly Drawn Boy, I am reminded of my two-year-old and his tantrums. How after he’s been lying on the floor for a few minutes, his body stiff as a board, shrieking his brains out, he always wants a hug. The hug reduces him to a relaxed and quiet lump.

Seriously, even though the concept of a National Hug Day might seem kind of absurd, this country really needs it. I really need it. This song and video is one of my favorites. Besides loving the song and it’s message, the video is really powerful. I wonder had I been hugged by the elderly lady at Trader Joe’s would I have had as much rage towards her, or would I have collapsed and cried in her arms.

However, how does one go about hugging without making someone scream and call the police? If someone randomly came up to me and hugged me, I would probably freak out. Even if someone said to me, today is National Hug Day, can I hug you? I’d probably feel icky if it was a stranger. Hmm. But virtual hugs are still ok. Perhaps make it a goal to virtually hug a stranger and physically hug an acquaintance? I’m hugging all of you right now!! (((hugs)))

Hugs all around people!