New Trick I Discovered: Guaranteed Baby Entertainment For Hours!

Henry, gearing up to take a spin on his Harley.

It is becoming painfully obvious lately that Henry is one of those boys. He cannot sit still. Dude is only pushing 4 months and he is already trying to leap tall buildings in a single bound, Bungee jump off bridges and stuff like that.

I am so screwed.

Once this feller realizes that those things attached to his ankles actually help him get to Things That Are Not To Be Touched more quickly than heaving his body in the general direction of where he wants to be, well, my life will be over. Unless I keep him chained to a radiator or something sensible like that. Oh, stop. I won’t chain him to a basement radiator. It’ll be a nice one in the kitchen or something. Near a TV.

The other day I inadvertently stumbled onto something that keeps the kid busy for hours. Seriously. He doesn’t even think about signing up for skydiving lessons or anything.


Balloon tied to baby chair thinger equals hours of entertainment. What? He likes his big sister’s old, pink chair! Or else I’m too cheap to buy a new one. But quit being so hung up on gender appropriate color. Pink is cool, man.