Overview: Weeks 5 – 10

The bleeding has stopped, uterus cramps have diminished and breastfeeding is slowly getting easier. Although the physical recuperation is drawing to a close (usually at the six-week mark), there will still be bumps and dead ends as you navigate each brand-new month with your brand-new life.

While the course of the first month is generally the same for all new moms (minus the breastfeeding vs. formula differences), the second month is where there are more divergences. Some moms return to work while others are still on maternity leave. Some are counting down the days to have sex; others are utterly terrified of the thought. Some are emerging from the baby blues, and others are sinking further into a depression. But don’t stress about what other moms are doing; you should be living and mothering your way. You know what’s best for you.

For more tips and info, continue to follow Babble’s month-by-month guide throughout your baby’s first year to gain guidance, understanding and reassurance. For the second month, you’ll find everything from colic survival to sleep patterns, contraception to childcare.

As always, remember that each parent and child is different, hitting milestones at different rates. There’s a wide spectrum of “normal” for each month, but we hope to give you some insight and support through this monumental process. And be sure to check out our reader tips for even more advice – and to leave your own.

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