Nip That Biting In The Bud!

Careful there, Mike Tyson!

Tonight as I was surfing the Twitters I came across a tweet that got me terribly excited.

You see, my baby is a biter. Oh yes. And I’m not just talking about nursing (has he made me bleed? only once), though thankfully, that’s gotten a lot better.

His favorite maneuver is the “sly shoulder bite” when he’s feeling edgy, and no amount of “No!” can make him stop. I could swear to you I see the devil in his eyes after he’s gotten me, and that crafty little smile, like, “Haaaaah, I am so very clever.”

But maybe I am imagining that?

But this tweet was a game changer for me, even though it was information I’d heard before and probably already knew somewhere but just hadn’t remembered that I knew. If that makes sense.

After the jump, how to stop a biting baby from, well, biting.

Well, it’s no surprise to anybody, but you can’t expect to tell a nine-month-old “No” and have them actually stop. Nine-month-old brains just don’t work that way. But you can “change the channel,” as the linked article says.

Your only goal is to try to distract your son or move out of reach or somehow shift the action so that it is about something else.

Distract, distract, distract! Hey, I can do that! Thanks, Twitter!

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