No... I Am NOT Paying More For My Dinner!

Tax? Ha!

Yes, I have a baby … two toddlers too! And I go out to eat like most American families do — more frequently than we used to as well!

And the other day when I heard there is actually a restaurant charging people a “baby tax” for dining with their infant I almost blew a damn gasket. A baby tax? What the hell?

In fact it is for real, and now parents all over the world are attacking the restaurant who started this stupid idea.

The restaurant in question was based in England, but I wouldn’t be surprised if American eateries jumped on board.

The restaurant itself said they were actually charging parents for dining with their babies because they would likely be sharing food. But what about those babies exclusively breastfed, or not eating any type of solid food, or table food?  Should they be included?

I think the idea as a whole is stupid altogether. Why? The portions we see in our country or at least in America where I am are huge compared to the other places in the world, so if you are paying for the whole portion, why not actually consume the entire portion.

And if I want to share my food, you bet your ass I am going to do that!

What do you think about the baby tax?


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