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NO! Your Baby DOESN'T Need a Facebook Account!

By Danielle |

Wait! You don't look old enough to be on Facebook!

What is the deal with parent’s making their kids Facebook pages?  It is driving me insane!  Of course parents want to share adorable updates of their babies, and kids but is going as far as making fake status updates as if they are written by your child crossing a line?

I certainly think so and this is coming from someone who shares virtually her every waking moment with some form of social media.  Facebook, twitter, anything, everything… I blog it, write it, show it, share it… But I just can’t get behind these pages!

I am looking at it from a ton of different aspects though.

  • Safety
  • Privacy
  • Appropriateness

I mean, there is a certain gross factor other people don’t want to know about your baby, and the fact that they are constipated and haven’t pooped in a week throws you right into that over-sharing category.

But also in a day in age where identity theft is so popular, and where pregnant women have actually been tracked down by childless women who want babies, do you really want to put too much out there?

I go back and forth with this myself, and living such a public life frightens me on occasion. But I have already put so much out there since my oldest son was born, is there a way to really take it all back?

Don’t you think that Facebook puts age requirements on profiles for a reason?  I mean, I can’t be the only one who doesn’t want to see a Facebook page for your nine month old.

So what do you think?  Are Facebook pages too much?

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5 thoughts on “NO! Your Baby DOESN'T Need a Facebook Account!

  1. Chris says:

    Actually the federal government puts an age restriction on Facebook (and any site that collects data), and Zuckerberg has said publicly that he will fight that law eventually.

    I have a facebook page for my son to keep my own feed more adult-like. For friends and family who want more info, they can like the page. If you don’t want the info, don’t like the page. Simple as that.

  2. michelle says:

    I am proud to say that the pic above is of my son. That being said, I would never even think of creating a fake fb profile page using his name. I mean who does that???? I put his pic as my profile pic so I can show off my son to the fb world = no one else has access to ANY of my info unless they are my friend. So yea I am vehemently opposed to making a fb page but its fine to use the baby as a profile pic as long as the personal page is private.

  3. Roni says:

    I blogged in my sons voice for an entire year. It was a fun and a creative way to keep family updated. I don’t see this being any different. Of course some will take it too far, they always do.

  4. Julie says:

    It makes about as much sense to me as the people who have Facebook pages for their pets. I don’t worry about privacy and all that jazz, I just blink at it in confusion. To each their own though, I always say!

  5. Cecelia says:

    Alright, I get it.. Your baby is adorable. And I am hopeing that all the pictures that you want people to see of your kid, you already have a paper copy of it. And I also am hopeful that every friend on your child’s friends list (btw, I am all against making facebooks for babies) you should already know them in person, see them a lot in person, and if they are family or friends out of state, you can mail it. Because all you are doing is putting your child out like a appetizer on a all you can eat buffet, at a Pediphile’s personal computer resturant. Another thing you should know is that it is completely 100% truthful that any photo that is put online is forever on there no matter what. You can go everywhere and think you have deleted them all but those pictures are either already printed and put in a creepers special looky box, or been put on another website and has a new web address. So. if you want to show your friends on facebook. just do it on your own personal PRIVATE facebook. Add only friends and family you know. And the friends should be someone who is close and a friend of the entire family or someone you personally and emotinally have known for at least 6-10 years. Not someone you’ve decided to be best friends with that you met at the Mommy and me Class down at the Y. I do hope you have taken something from it. Because if they find that baby’s facebook, they can find out who Mommy is because I am sure you have yourself as baby’s number one friend, and then they will find out (if they are desparate to get close to your kid), who you are, and everything about you, even your friends and find your location. Of course then they can easily find your personal information on some background check search engine that they will gladly pay the little fee for. And then it’ll be less then a hop, skip and a jump from the window and your baby’s bed, and you wake up finding an empty room. Then think as the police ask you if you know anyone that could possibly want your child. And I highly doubt that you will tell them, “Yes Officer, millions of pediphiles want my child due to the updated constantly Facebook that I made for Him/Her that I thought needed to be done.” And translation to a police officer sounds about like this ” Yes, I put my child out like steak on a hook and threw it out into the middle of a piranha infested river and not even thinking that they would even take a nibble. Because to me, all I hear is the word “river” and rivers are so pretty. I am sure it’ll be just fine…”…People, you don’t get how many people lose there kids due to pedi’s watching..So, have some common sense. If you love your child, be safe. Your child isn’t going to suffer a horrible death if they don’t immediately update their status on facebook or twitter and let the world know what cute little noise they made while eating smushed bananas this morning…God, watch out for those children who’s parents were not blessed with the sense that the world isn’t made up of fluffy white clouds and unicorns…Get this people people. Even if you do live in that world, clouds are unstable and you and your child will fall right through that cloud and smash into the solid ground no matter how fluffy, and a unicorn ain’t real..Just like you the idea that it’s okay to put your child out on parade on the internet. Just like unicorns, it isn’t realistic..It’s a pretty idea, but it’s not real…Get smart….

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