Notes From The Trenches: My 5 Must-Have iPad 2 Apps For New Moms

I don’t know about all of you, but it seems to me like mothering these days is a pretty slick gig. I mean, check it: flushable cloth diapers, organic baby food in squeezable pouches, little plastic doohickeys that can correct bad latches . . . and now Steve Jobs wants all us new moms to be as freaking fabulous as possible–thanks Steve!–with the announcement of the new iPad 2. It has a camera this time! The Universe loves us I tell you!

As a mom in NYC I’ve started to rely heavily on my iPhone apps to keep me organized and something close to sane. Now that I’m expert in all things mothering (just roll with it), I am happy to share with YOU, in no particular order, The Five Best Apps Of My Life! Exclamation mark! (And turn your brains on, cause I’m going to ask you for your favorite recommendations here in a sec.)

1. iKidNY

Two words: SUBWAY ELEVATORS. This app has a lot of great stuff: a list of indoor/outdoor activities in the city, child-friendly restaurants, where to find a decent changing table . . . but really, the list of subway elevator locations alone makes this app worth the two dollars it cost to download. There is nothing worse than getting off an underground train with your hulking stroller only to realize that your only way out involves three flights of stairs and just your She-Ra arms. With this app I can plan and reroute on the go, and that’s really important when it suddenly starts raining and I have thirty blocks before I’m home. (I’m willing to bet you there’s an equivalent app out there for your city, too!)

2. Pudding Camera – FREE

This app is in Korean, so I really have no idea if I’m using it correctly or not, but it is F-U-N. This has become my go-to camera app, and I really recommend it if you like the look of Hipstamatic photos but want something a little more off the beaten path.

3. Forever 21 – FREE

There is nothing better for a new mom going through rapid changes in her body shape (hi, boobs!) than fast fashion, and Forever 21 has always been my favorite. But shopping online there (not to mention in stores, holy behemoth!) is a total beast. There’s just so much inventory to sift through before you find what speaks to you, it’s a little ridiculous. This app shows you the new inventory with just a tap of your finger, and then you can even buy what you like, right there! that instant! while you’re nursing and you just happen to have your debit card number memorized!

4. Boggle

Speaking of nursing, I have found there is nothing better than a good word game at four in the morning while you’re groggily nursing. Some people swear by Words With Friends, and that’s great and all, but I prefer to be anti-social with my vocab games so I think Boggle’s where it’s at. It’s like Words With Friends for those of us with no friends. Wah-wahhh.

5. Sol Free – FREE (duh)

Another good one for nursing. I played this one on my iPhone so much in waiting rooms for prenatal appointments (and yes, I admit, while in Labor & Delivery in the early stages of contractions) that I have something stupid like 500 wins recorded. Yeah, you can be impressed, I am.

Okay, what am I missing? What apps can’t you live without? What e-reader app do you prefer? Anybody know of a good app that will tell me the calorie counts at fast food joints? ‘Cause shoot . . .

Article Posted 5 years Ago
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