Nursing Bras [+ a Review]


I have mentioned how frustrating I have found dressing to nurse before, but the truth is my problems with clothes stem completely from a place of inconvenience. The real problem I have been having is trying to find a decent nursing bra.

Before the baby was born, I was an underwire/molded cup bra kind of girl. I felt most comfortable with the most support and shaping I could find. The actual day I was told I was being induced I ran to the store to pick up a nursing bra, and at the time I was obviously pretty distracted, so I grabbed something that looked functional…a simple cotton thing from the nearest box store.

During the first two weeks, it worked fine; It was comfortable enough to sleep in and was flexible enough to work with my changing milk supply. But over the next few weeks and months I came to realize it was missing the one thing that had always trumped any other feature: support.

I went to a few stores trying to find a better option with little success. In desperation I jumped on Gap’s website to see what options they had. I found this one to be simple and similar to my prebaby bras. It had good reviews so I did something totally out of character for me and ordered a bra online without even trying it on.

Yesterday the bra came and I couldn’t be more pleased. It supports and shapes in a way I had nearly forgotten about. I feel more put together and it makes my clothes look better. It’s a little strange trying to fold a molded cup to nurse, but it’s workable. I am interested to see how well it keeps it’s shape over time, but for now I am so happy with it.

What’s your favorite kind of nursing bra?

Leading Lady® Underwire Nursing Bra – Gap – $36.00