5 Things I Miss About Working in an Office

Who knew? There would things I miss working in an office?
Who knew? There are things I miss about working in an office!

With our first 3 children, I was a full-time working mom – in the office.  I traveled and had a job that worked with my strengths. I truly did love my job.

After having our baby Zeke, I was offered a few freelance opportunities – and with once glance at my baby, I knew what I needed to do. I couldn’t leave my husband with 4 kids while I traveled. I needed to be able to see this little thing that I created. We took a leap of faith and I quit my job of 11 years.

While I still work, it’s now from home, freelance . I make my own schedule and work with a baby in my lap.

While it sounds great (it really is) – there are somethings that the corporate America job gave me – that freelancing can’t replace:

5 Things I Miss About Working in an Office

  • Paychecks 1 of 5
    Every 2 weeks a nice lump sum of money was deposited in to our checking account. Now, while money comes in, it's not consistent.
  • My Own Office with a Door 2 of 5
    My Own Office with a Door
    While I have an office now, it's totally make-shift. It's the dining room turned office so I can see the kids playing in their baby playroom (that was once a formal living... sigh, kids!). I use to be able to close the door, crank up Adele and get work done. While I can still crank up Adele and work into the wee hours of the morning, it's just not the same as an office with a door.
  • Commute 3 of 5
    While my commute was a messily 15 minutes from the house, that was 15 minutes of NPR each way. 15 minutes, well 20 after my Starbucks drive-thru, that was kid-free and just me. QUIET.
  • Work Friends 4 of 5
    Work Friends
    I have made it a point to keep a social life after leaving the office. Now I have friends that come over for breakfast, others that we do play dates with and then some for GNO. BUT, at the office my friends were right there - an office door over. While I still consider my work friends some of my dearest, I miss their faces and stupid notes that we'd exchange to make each other smile.
  • Lunch Dates 5 of 5
    Lunch Dates
    My husband doesn't work far so we could meet up once a week for lunch. It was a great time to catch up, get the lunch specials and just spend an hours just me and him. There was no trying to find a baby sitter. We knew our kids were happy and well taken care of. And it was just OUR time.


Our family is blessed that my husband has a good (corporate America) job with great benefits. Before I worked full-time, my husband freelanced while I was the “health insurance bread winner’.  Without his benefits, I don’t think freelancing would be an option.

I truly try to live life with no regrets and while I miss these things, I know that I made the right decision.

Since quitting, I’ve only had one morning that I woke up thinking WHAT DID I DO? Then I looked at the clock. It was 10 am. My babies were still sleeping and I didn’t have to be a meeting like I would of been if I was still in the office. In that moment, I knew that I had made the right decision.

Did You Quit Your Job After Having a Baby? Any Regrets?

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