Oh, How I Missed You! (My Baby That Is)

Nadia let me borrow her baby.

Over the weekend I became that weird person who stares at babies and would tell any stranger who stood near me for longer than 14 seconds about the twee baby I left behind in the states. I never understood these people … that is, until now. No, wait. I still don’t understand them. The only difference is I now happen to BE one of them. Sorry about that. Especially if you met me over the last week, or worse, if I stared at your baby and threatened to steal/eat/nibble or smell them.

If you remember I took my tiny baby to BlogHer back in August where she was poked at, kissed, touched, held and picked up by complete strangers. I kept this in mind as a wandered around oogling other babies. I never touched let alone kissed and I never held unless preapproved by the baby mama. Sadly, this was not the case for all babies.

One woman let me hold her six-week-old. THEY’RE SO TINY AT THAT AGE! Another woman let me hold her three-month-old who made the sweetest little baby noises in my ear. I realized there’s no better warmth than that of a baby and when one does get the chance to hold another baby … no baby feels as good as your own.

When I got home I rocked and kissed and snuggled my own little baby, who unfortunately became sick in my absence. The good news? Just over 24 hours home and she’s improved dramatically.

I’d like to think it’s because mama snuggles are the best medicine.

Photo Credit: Child Mode