Oh No He DIDN'T!

He looks so cute and innocent, doesn't he?

The other night Little Bean woke up about 2 hours after bedtime. He does this every now and then. Normally he’ll self soothe himself back to sleep, or a quick nursing session will relax him enough to settle back down.

This time was different.

He wasn’t crying. He was screaming. Red face. Tears.

I picked him up. Rocked him. Attempted to nurse. Nothing seemed to work.

Could be be teething? Gas Pains?

What could it be? What? WHAT?

I took him down stairs to see Dad and thought maybe I’d give him a little Tylenol just in case. Then as we walked down the stairs he started to come out of it. Looking around contentedly.


The husband and I decided against Tylenol and I took him back to bed. All was fine until we walked back in his room.

As if on cue, he immediately began crying again!

Was I just played by my 6 month old? Has he already learned to manipulate me with his cries?

He really IS evil!

I laid him back in bed. He cried for less than 5 minutes and then passed out.

Little bugger.