Oh, That Smile...

Hey there cutie!

I am so in love with this stage in Arlo’s development. He has found his smile and is unleashing them on us left and right. I can literally feel my heart leap up in my chest, bang around, and fall back down everytime he flashes that mile wide grin at me. Our little guy is having some vision problems and sometimes I wonder how well he can see me, so in those moments when locks his eyes on me and let’s me know “Hey mama, I see you!” by showing me that gummy smile, I truly can think of nothing else in the world that makes me happier.

It’s the most amazing thing to see him developing his own personality. It’s pretty obvious he’s going to be a total goof ball. Since I started back at work this week my husband has had his first real, uninterrupted time with Arlo. (I have to admit I was a bit stingy with him while on maternity leave) And he said to me this afternoon, “This little boy of ours is SO sweet. I can’t get over how awesome his smile is”

(After the  jump- AMAZING big, giant baby smiles!)

I know I’m his mama and my opinion is totally biased, but this kid of ours is gonna melt some hearts with his gentle nature and joker smile! It’s only a matter of time!