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Oh…You Are STILL Nursing?

By Danielle |

She is barely 8 months old!

Addison will be 8 months old on the 30th of this month. And it seems like in the past week, and through the holidays I have gotten the same question repeatedly from nearly everyone I came in contact with…

“Oh… she is still breastfeeding?”

Uh… she is only 8 months old… it is not like she is eating a four course meal, and chugging it down with a glass of wine… what would you expect her to be doing?

But alas, it seems like everyone I know has dumped the boob by now and skipped on to a bottle or sippy cup full of juice, formula, or cows milk. Yes, I actually know people pumping their kids who are under a year old full of cows milk. But now being on kid number three, I stop butting my advice in unless someone asks me.

But I was on the verge of stabbing someone in the eye, or yelling about it by the time Christmas day rolled around. Of course it was a harmless question with no judging but I felt like I needed to take my soap box out about the benefits, and of course how much money we are saving by not switching her onto formula. Truly, there is no need at all, and if she nursed till she was three years old… I wouldn’t care because I know it is good for her.

But I guess it is just the holidays that stress us all out. But over the next couple months, you can bet your ass the people who utter those four words are going to be in for a nice long lesson on parenting, breastfeeding, and why I am going out of my way to continue to nurse my daughter.

Anyone else run into that this weekend?

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17 thoughts on “Oh…You Are STILL Nursing?

  1. Diana says:

    Yes, I have gotten this from a few moms already that have kids a same age as my daughter. She is only 5 months old. These mother already stopped becuase their kids cut some teeth or had no luck from the beginng. I get your still breastfeeding? I am like ya, she is 5 months. Plus my kid wont drink anything but the boob. Not even if I pump it and put in a bottle. She will not drink it. Yes, my daughter has a tooth too, but I make my way through the pain, just so she can have the best. I plan to nurse her till she is at least 2 years old :)

  2. Chrissy says:

    I could just imagine what my family would of said. My son is 16 months old but he weaned at 14 1/2 months. After he turned a year, I was always asked why I was still breastfeeding because he could have cows milk. People say when they ask for it they are too old to nurse but don’t they ask for it from day one.

  3. Kendra says:

    I get it so much and people are so judgmental. Yes, I nurse my 22 month old and yes I’m going to until he’s no longer wants to.. He has manners about it. Is it his main source of nutrition these days, no, but it comforts him and we BOTH enjoy our snuggle time together.

  4. Anna says:

    I’m with you. I still nurse my 10 months old and I love it! He won’t take the bottle or sippy cup, and even though he has 4 teeth, I still breastfeed him! I’m always amazed at the statistics of breastfeeding, apparently in the UK only 3 % still breastfeed at 6 months, even though that’s the recommendation.

  5. Alicia says:

    My family’s given up on that line. DD is 16 months now. They do eventually stop :P

  6. MadelinePetersen says:

    Tate is 7 months old and when I mention that I am going to feed Tate, people are always surprised when I start nursing him. Just wait until I am nursing him at 18 months. I don’t care what they think. AT ALL. But that doesn’t mean it won’t get under my skin.

    I have already spent half of my vacation trying to explain to my relatives that we co-sleep. No, I won’t be using that pack and play, and yes I do realize that at some point in time, he will have to transition out of our bed. Geez. I need a vacation already.

  7. Kim says:

    Yes!! I had a little, ummm, drop in my supply when AF decided to make her appearance this weekend. And my mom’s two-cents: “Well, that’s nature’s way of weaning”. Um, no. We will work our way through this just like every other like bump in the road and ya know what? A couple days later my supply is back up and she’s nursing just fine. She’s only 8 months old! Why switch to formula when this is free??? I, too will nurse as long as she wants. I’d like to make it to one year at least.

  8. Anna says:

    We BF till 1 week before my little man’s first birthday, then he just sunk all 6 of those pearly whites into me and turned his head with a yank! I don’t think I have ever yelped like that! I’m not sure if my reaction scared him or he was “self weaning”, but I haven’t been able to get him to BF since. I have been pumping ever since and he is fine taking the bottle, but he only wants that 2-3 times in a day for all the rest he LOVES food. He wants everything we eat, from pad thai, to his dad’s home made curries. I admit I still feel a lot sadness and sometimes cry when I feel the loss of those close, quiet moments I shared with little man when he was nursing.

  9. Naomi says:

    I’m about to do a post about this for Toddler Times!! HA!

  10. Whitney McQuarry says:

    My son is at 11 months. He will be 1 on January 20th. And yes, I am STILL breastfeeding. I have never had to supplement. He nurses about 3-4 times a day and loves food also. I am asked all the time if I am still breastfeeding. I am proud of the fact that I have breastfed my son these past 11 months. It has brought a bond I could never have imagined. And since I quit my job after I had him, it also helps out financially. I always said that at 12 months I would stop. But now I am wondering if he will be ready. Should I wait until he is ready or stop at 12 months? I guess I have something to think about.

  11. Irene B says:

    My daughter is 8 months old and I WISH I were still breastfeeding her! My supply vanished around 4 months from stress and try as I may I couldn’t get it back.

  12. Taz says:

    just like you obviously pass judgment or think it’s weird if a mom gives her baby cow milk at 8 months some people will judge your choices or find them to be strange. there are 1000 different ways to do this baby raising thing- at least you can find comfort in the confidence that your way is the right way.

  13. Kiraly says:

    I breastfed until 1 year. At that point my kids were eating everything and only really feeding at night. At 12 months they got a sippy cup with milk. I thought it was going to be a big huge ordeal to wean. I could not have been more wrong. I put them in their cribs after rocking them and off to sleep they went. I was kind of bummed because I felt like, “HEY!! You are supposed to scream for me or want my comfort or something!!” Like anything, I fed them because they needed it…NOT for me. Once they were able to drink milk and there was no nutritional reason to bf it was time to move along. Just like every step in child-rearing. I’m not always ready but it has to happen. It’s food. It’s not bonding anymore, it’s not for any reason once they can have regular food. There are certainly ways to feel connected to your children without having to breastfeed until “they” are ready to wean. The longer you wait, they more opinion they will have.

  14. Kellan says:

    I run into that almost daily! Not kidding. My aunt has very strict views on BFing, & going past a year isn’t one she’s even willing to research to understand why people would do it. My daughter has to nurse to go to sleep most of the time, plus it keeps us close. If she didn’t BF, I’m not sure I’d be able to make the time for her that we both need (I live with my aunt & uncle who don’t truly support BFing – they just think they do). Since she nurses, it keeps be from feeling like a total failure as a mom & my 7mo gets the mommy & me time she needs from me. Plus, Danielle, I’m so with you on the baby-led weaning! Wish my family would just shut their mouths about how I raise my daughter, but they won’t do that til I move out. Grrr.

  15. Ali says:

    I dont know. My baby girl will be 1 on Jan 31st. She is perfectly healthy and i bfed for 3 months. She is in the 100th percentile in height and weight. She is my 3rd child and I did all them the same. My kids and I have a bond like no other and it didnt get that way from bf. Have have seen children 2-3 years old breastfeeding. and to me its just creepy past infancy. But, each to their own, and only you know how to raise your child!

  16. Stephanie says:

    I BF my daughter until she was 12.5 mo. I got this question all the time! My family was always ready for me to quit BF her. Given any opportunity they would tell me how unnecessary it was. I was stubborn though. I suffered from PPD and felt that BF was the one thing she really needed me for. My husband was VERY supportive. I sought treatment for PPD (as everyone with it should) and by the time she was 12.5 mo she weaned herself. BF was the bliss in a dark period in my life. It helped me and gave my daughter the best start she could ever have. I am currently pregnant with our second child and plan to BF this one until he/she self-weans as well. Through lots of quiet time with my God, I knew what was right for me and my baby. He didn’t let me give into the immense pressure from my family.

  17. Sarah G says:

    I realize this post is old, but I just have to say I feel the same exact way!!! I nursed my first baby until 16 months, and eventually I just had to go into “the closet.” That is, I would just disappear or say we needed a quiet space for a moment, and wouldn’t tell people what we were doing. By 14-15 months she was only nursing about 4 times a day anyway, so it was fairly easy. But still, any time it came up I would feel extremely defensive and even embarrassed (not by what I was doing, but by the situation). Since I just had my second baby, the topic has come up recently. Here are some responses I got: my MIL said, “That seems like a very long time to me” (from she who exclusively breastfed all of 2 months); the only friend I let babysit said, “SIXTEEN months? Oh my!!!” (from she who lectured me endlessly on the necessity to wean at 6 months no matter what)….. I can’t believe that breastfeeding moms have such a hard time socially. It’s a shame.

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