Oh...You Are STILL Nursing?

She is barely 8 months old!

Addison will be 8 months old on the 30th of this month. And it seems like in the past week, and through the holidays I have gotten the same question repeatedly from nearly everyone I came in contact with…

“Oh… she is still breastfeeding?”

Uh… she is only 8 months old… it is not like she is eating a four course meal, and chugging it down with a glass of wine… what would you expect her to be doing?

But alas, it seems like everyone I know has dumped the boob by now and skipped on to a bottle or sippy cup full of juice, formula, or cows milk. Yes, I actually know people pumping their kids who are under a year old full of cows milk. But now being on kid number three, I stop butting my advice in unless someone asks me.

But I was on the verge of stabbing someone in the eye, or yelling about it by the time Christmas day rolled around. Of course it was a harmless question with no judging but I felt like I needed to take my soap box out about the benefits, and of course how much money we are saving by not switching her onto formula. Truly, there is no need at all, and if she nursed till she was three years old… I wouldn’t care because I know it is good for her.

But I guess it is just the holidays that stress us all out. But over the next couple months, you can bet your ass the people who utter those four words are going to be in for a nice long lesson on parenting, breastfeeding, and why I am going out of my way to continue to nurse my daughter.

Anyone else run into that this weekend?

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