OMG, I Just Killed A Spider


wolf spiderYep.  I just killed a spider, and I feel like a whole new woman.  Ok, ok.  I probably should have scooped him up in a cup and carried him outside to live a wonderful life of spidering, but it was crawling on my pillow and I just couldn’t have that.  And for a split second I got over my fear of spiders and it felt great.

I simply can not stand spiders and roaches, I get nervous while flying and I’m afraid to ride a horse along with a good list of other things that I’m just plain scared of.  I guess you could say I’m kind of a wimp.  And I need to get over it.  I mentioned that I’m striving to be a strong mom for Wolf, and this means getting over some of my fears.

As with everything that comes with parenthood, I’m taking each little step one at a time.  Being a strong role model for my boy is very important to me.  So I’m learning to “suck it up”, at least in baby steps.  Of course now each time a little piece of hair touches my arm, I freak out thinking it’s another spider.  Go figure.

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