On Being What You Are, Depending on Where You're From.

Midwest IS Best.

My husband and I both grew up in Utah. Born and raised (on a playground is where we spent most of our days…) Addie was born in Utah but we moved to Indiana when she was 20 months old, so pretty much every memory she has? Takes place in Indiana. Then there’s Vivi. Born and bred in Indiana. A true Hoosier baby. Will we be in Indiana for the rest of our lives? Maybe. However Utah will always be a huge part of who we are (Go Utes, Boo BYU) so it leaves me wondering, how do we keep this Hoosier baby rooted in Utah pride and yet keep our Utah baby proud of where we live now?

I’m going to be honest, I had a HARD time living in Utah. There’s a dozen different reasons why and if you’d like to go ahead and guess the main reason you’d probably be right but I’m not going into that here. I’m happy to be away from certain memories and people but sad to be away from my family and favorite burrito joint (I’m looking at you Beto’s. *wink*) However when we moved to Indiana I hated it here too. (Loathed, despised, hated it so much it gave me power.)

August marked our five year anniversary of living in Indiana. Addie goes to school here, our cars are registered here, our drivers licenses say Indiana, the first home we ever bought is here. And our hard won baby? She was born here too. I’m not sure I could move away from this state without sobbing. I love it here. Even though I love it here, college football has started and we have all dusted off the red and white Utah football gear and will spend many days surrounding the TV cheering on our team back home. Or is it?

This little tiny baby of mine, someday she too is going to grow up. Move away. Have babies of her own. Maybe she’ll live in Utah, maybe she’ll live in California. But I wonder, will she always consider Indiana her home?

What about those of you who have moved around as kids or with kids? Does your heart really lie in two (or more) different places? Does no place ever really feel like home? Or is it true that home is where your heart actually is?

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