On My Cloth Diapering Choice(s) & Everything In Between

Abby a few weeks ago in her CD's, dry & happy.

So, we cloth diaper. Whoop-dee-doo. About a year ago — a while after we first began said adventure, I wrote this. Who knew I’d end up writing for Babble? Now, we’re swaddling our second wee one’s tush in bamboo cotton blend pre-folds for all her 1 & 2’s. Passed down from her bro. Which of course I stripped first. Good as new and saving big bucks. Sweet.

How’s it been? Well, honestly it been pretty alright. Can anyone really go so far as to say anything is great about catching poo and pee and having to touch it? Don’t think so. Especially the toddler-sized ones. Oh. My. WORD. Epic poonami’s are no fun for anyone. But they happen. Oh yes, they happen.

Those shit catchers? Bio liners? They work except when a storm (see epic poonami), hits. Then we’re all done for. Rubber gloves. Toilet. Swoosh, rinse. Done. Wine, please! If you really want a more in-depth description on how bad poo can get, take a gander at this hilarious instructional diagram by my two favourite dads. (Aside from the father of my littles — he rocks.) Thanks for making me aware of their existence Molly.

I think I may have digressed a bit. To talk about poo, no less. Wow. What has happened to my world?! Anyways, I want to make this real simple for anyone who may be interested in, or are thinking about taking the CD leap. There’s my first dipe abbreviation. Of which there are MANY and when I first started I was like, ‘What the hell?’ Really?’

Abby's Bro Back In His First Year...
Abby's Bro Back In His First Year...

Here’s a dandy Dipe Dictionary to help you with all of that. Abbreviations decoded. Materials you may have heard about, most of which you don’t need. You’re gonna have to delve in there and check out all of your options and choose the style that’s best for you. We chose the simplest, cheapest route (old school pre-folds), and have stuck with them the second time around now with Lil’ Abner. All is well in our CD using land.

So. We’ve covered styles and their abbreviations, cost comparisons to disposables (if you read the post I linked up at the beginning). How to strip your dipes and when things can get nasty. Leaks? Until our toddler starting releasing gallons of liquid each time he opened the floodgates (about 2 moths ago), things were fine.

Thank goodness we have been loyal customers to this Canadian and local (to us) business. The owner is a mom, or mompreneur for those of you who are familiar with term and don’t abhor it (me). Her prices are fantastic, as is her customer service. She sent us (for FREE), six super soaker inserts for his diapers to help with the regular flooding until he is completely potty-trained. (We’ve started and yea, maybe it will happen soon, maybe it won’t. Potty nazi’s we aren’t). Just a little insight for those of you are are thinking about cloth-diapering for the long haul.

As for cloth-diapering a newborn into the first year of their lives? Easy peasy. Really. As is the wash and care, once you get into…

a routine:

We use: Nature Clean laundry soap and vinegar. No bleach. (Breaks down fabric and who wants harsh bleach residue next to their babe’s sweet cheeks?) No fabric softener. (Makes dipes less absorbent). Wash on hot, cold rinse — sanitize cycle. Twice a month I soak them overnight and then wash. Hang dry outside as often as possible. (The sun is nature’s bleach y’all).

We don’t: Have a wet pail. (Gross!!) Use soap nuts or any other newfangled fancy soap just for cloth diapers. Beware the marketing guru’s. Beware. We just use a regular diaper pail with a pul (waterproof fabric, same stuff most covers are made out of), lined bag and charcoal tab on the lid that we change every 3 months or so. I also put a few drops each of lavender and tea tree oil in the bottom of the pail once a week after I give it a good disinfecting spay and clean.

Oh, ehm, gee. I can’t believe I just spent the last hour writing about cloth diapers, poo and pee. I have the sudden urge to put on some red lipstick, these (because then I’d be an amazonian giant, and that’s a GOOD thing), and to grab my best girl for a cocktail. It’s Friday night, right? After I smoosh kisses all over my wee ones, make pizza for dinner, go to the park, read stories, have baths and tuck ’em in. All while delighting in Abby’s engaged wonder of everything that is me. (This girl adores me, yo. It’s the bomb diggs.) After all that, I really want to hear some dirty beats and savor a glass or two of something deep, dark and red. I’m thinking bordeaux. I guess I have a few hours to go yet. Which is fine. Because really, I’m living the dream I said!

Are you a cloth diapering family? What’s your favorite brand?

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