On My Tummy... Hear Me Roar!

She hates it!

Calling all mothers who have a little one that absolutely loathes tummy time?

Because I am going three for three here!  All three of my children absolutely HATE tummy time, or did when they were an infant. One to the point that he ended up with torticollis because we couldn’t get him onto his belly for longer than a minute without a damn near mental breakdown.

Now that we are starting tummy time more and more with Addie, she hates us. She screams like I have never heard her scream before.  I get about a minute of her in the seal position where she is up and looking around and as soon as she gets tired, all bets are off… its war!

I have tried everything! Toys, things that light up, rattle, make noise, make noise and light up at the same time… nothing works.   And I am super scared she is going to end up with torticollis like Benjamin did and we are going to have to go through the therapy all over again. Most of all, if I can prevent it… I am going to do my best to!

I am sure this is normal behavior for her age (almost 4 months old) now but man… talk about stressful and all I do is worry about what is best for her.  I know, typical mother right?   Its just what we are built to do!

Anyone have a little one who hated tummy time like mine does, and found a trick to get them to actually love it?
I can use all the help I can get right now!