On Robert Pattinson And Diaper Rash

cute baby
That's one damn good-looking baby.

Another Confession: I don’t have cable. Hence, I don’t have MTV. So, no MTV Movie Awards for me. I don’t think I’ve actually watched MTV since I was in college but I was a little bummed knowing that my newfound dreamboat Robert Pattinson was going to be on TV LIVE tonight. I followed the results via some Pattinson lunatic fans on Twitter. Notice how I don’t lump myself into the category of ‘lunatic fan?’

Meanwhile, he totally cleaned up. I don’t know why anyone else bothered showing up.

My favorite clip is when he says F–. He really is my kind of guy. I think my husband would agree.

While I followed lunatic tweets… Fuzz was crawling around the floor, delighting in the fact that Shnook was not home and he could therefore shove every one of his brother’s toys in his mouth all at once. He was licking train tracks, sucking on airplanes, and I’ll be surprised if I can ever get the spittle out of the Leap Pad cartridges. So delicious!!!

Oh, and he FINALLY got a tooth! Maybe that’s what all the mouthing has been all about. And all the diarrhea…but, that could also be something else…but, I really hope not. Poor guy has a mean diaper rash. Our secret weapon Triple Paste is not cutting it this time around.

Hit me with your best diaper rash remedies!!

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