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On Robert Pattinson And Diaper Rash

By Naomi Odes |

cute baby

That's one damn good-looking baby.

Another Confession: I don’t have cable. Hence, I don’t have MTV. So, no MTV Movie Awards for me. I don’t think I’ve actually watched MTV since I was in college but I was a little bummed knowing that my newfound dreamboat Robert Pattinson was going to be on TV LIVE tonight. I followed the results via some Pattinson lunatic fans on Twitter. Notice how I don’t lump myself into the category of ‘lunatic fan?’

Meanwhile, he totally cleaned up. I don’t know why anyone else bothered showing up.

My favorite clip is when he says F–. He really is my kind of guy. I think my husband would agree.

While I followed lunatic tweets… Fuzz was crawling around the floor, delighting in the fact that Shnook was not home and he could therefore shove every one of his brother’s toys in his mouth all at once. He was licking train tracks, sucking on airplanes, and I’ll be surprised if I can ever get the spittle out of the Leap Pad cartridges. So delicious!!!

Oh, and he FINALLY got a tooth! Maybe that’s what all the mouthing has been all about. And all the diarrhea…but, that could also be something else…but, I really hope not. Poor guy has a mean diaper rash. Our secret weapon Triple Paste is not cutting it this time around.

Hit me with your best diaper rash remedies!!

This summer, try these Family-Friendly Natural Home Remedies!

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8 thoughts on “On Robert Pattinson And Diaper Rash

  1. Andrea says:

    The best diaper rash remedy I’ve ever seen was a steady diet of trips to the chlorinated pool followed by coming immediatley home and a nice coating of Bodreaux’s Diaper Rasher PREVENTER. It’s a somewhat new product from Boudreaux’s (SP?), I get it at Target. It’s a little blue can that you sort of spray on. It’s mostly silicone based, and goes on a s a very thin liquid. it’s easier to put on than cream, and it has worked better than anything else. I think that’s probably because it covers better, and the silicone really forms an impermeable barrier. The immaculate germ free skin that comes from an hour in the pool really seems to help, the diaper rash cleared up in no time flat once we started frequenting the pool this summer.

  2. Michelle says:

    After a really good (but gentle) washing, I sit outside with my little guy for about 20 minutes sans diaper (or until he manages to hose down/blowout a towel). The fresh air and sunlight really help to eliminate the rash!

  3. Danielle says:

    Believe it or not…anti-fungal cream. Abby is prone to yeasty diaper rash (raised red patches).

  4. Stacia says:

    Air dry, olive oil/almond oil/coconut oil… air is the big thing. :)

  5. Selena Mae says:

    I’m with Stacia on the natural stuff and air…my little guy had the WORST recurring diaper rash. We tried every cream and prescription out there as well as nekked time. The thing of it is, I did not have enough faith in my own product. Not one to self-endorse, but my organic salve did the job. We were not using it steadily, every-day as we should have been for our sensitive skinned little man, and we switched over to what we thought he needed, something ‘stronger’, a prescription or over the counter as I mentioned earlier. I’d be happy to send you a tin from one babbler to another. I know how heartbreaking it can be to have your little guy so sore around his tender bits! Just email me your mailing addy :-)

    1. Naomi says:

      Selena! I’d love some, thanks!!
      We did some naked today. Working on a post! ;-)

  6. Selena Mae says:

    Great! Just email me your addy and I’ll send some off today, I have some orders to bring to the post.

  7. mike says:

    Hi! Mike here from Summers Labs, the makers of Triple Paste.
    A prominent pediatric dermatologist once said “where there is no diaper, there is no diaper rash” which other posters have already suggested. Does the rash also appear in the skin folds? If so, this may be an indication of yeast or (less likely) another secondary infection. Another sign of secondary infection would be a bright red rash that is in the skin folds and/or small pustules. If you suspect a yeast, then a trip or call to the doctor is appropriate. I cannot comment further at risk of practicing without a license : ) ! Good luck with the rash…this too shall pass!

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