On the Road to Mobility [and a Video to Prove It]


My once stationary baby is quickly moving down the path to mobility. He has started scooting (on his back) and I will often find that he has moved a foot or two from where I left him and is turned a full 180 degrees. And just this weekend he has started rolling from his back to tummy (always to the left). It took me several days to catch the roll in progress, but I was so excited to see him doing it. After several days of stalking him with the video camera I was actually able to catch him doing it on video.

It’s always exciting to see the baby meeting certain milestones – it gives a small reassurance that your baby is healthy and is progressing normally. But with this milestone looms a major life change over here. No more walking away from Tate and knowing that he’ll be right where I left him. No more setting him on the couch while I tidy up the living room. No more putting off vacuuming or leaving stacks of DVDs at baby level. The countdown to full mobility and mess-making starts now. And to be perfectly honest, it sort of terrifies me.

How did you handle your little ones starting to move about? Was it a hard change to swallow, or were you excited, or both?


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